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Episode 6
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Off the WayPath- Episode 6: The Customer Journey

Key Points

  • WayPath can help clients walk through the ‘customer experience woods’
  • Tools are only helpful if you know how to use them and have a plan in place

WayPath’s Senior Leadership team members, Matt Waldau (CEO), John Godwin (CSO), and Paul Abdool (CRO) have deep experience with customer journey platforms and services, guiding clients to choose the right tools and achieve their business goals.

The journey can often be confusing and one can become enamoured with a product’s possibilities, leading them to make software investments that may not solve their business problems. WayPath is here to remind you that these tools are only good if you know how to use them.

In its product agnostic approach, we have taken a step back to understand how these platforms came to be and what features they provided. Over time, these platforms evolved with additional prominent aspects to remain competitive.

It’s important to look at the strengths and challenges of a platform and understand how it allows you to reach your business goals.

WayPath’s team of experts will help you create a focus and understand a platform’s core functionality; we can take a step back and look at the requirements and holistic picture, making sure that our clients have the right tools. WayPath has a team of Content Management System (CMS) specialists who focus on the design and implementation of websites, and we can help your organization to understand which CMS platform best suits your needs, getting you out of the woods and to the finish line faster.


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