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Episode 5
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Off the WayPath- Episode 5: Discovery vs. Documenting

Key Points

  • Developing a shared understanding is an important part of the discovery process
  • WayPath has learned from experience and can advise you on your journey

WayPath’s Senior Leadership team is back for another episode of “Off the WayPath” and is focusing on discovery versus documenting businesses requirements. There is a variety of interpretations of these words, and our team is here to bring some clarity— WayPath style.

How does this work get done?  How do we guide our customers through this process without scope creep and losing things in translation while being agile at the same time? It’s a progression of gathering details and specificity, removing ambiguity, making design choices, and, most importantly, developing a shared understanding of what our clients need at the end of the process. 

Our industry expertise lets us know what questions to ask, and we will anchor the requirements to your business objectives. WayPath is a boutique firm, so our smaller team allows for clear communication early and often in the sales cycle and on the delivery side to keep the continuity going, leading you down the right path. 


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