Planning a Sitecore Upgrade: Answering Questions to Future-Proof your CMS 

By: Jeff Hansen, CTO and CISO and Amir Setoudeh, Technical Director – Sitecore  When implementing Sitecore, it is critical to keep watch on your support timeline.  Sitecore’s three phases of support are categorized as Mainstream, Extended, and Sustaining.  The table below itemizes the timeline and types of support for each phase as noted by Sitecore […]

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More Than Just a DAM… Making a Case for Content Hub

by: Amir Setoudeh, Technical Director – Sitecore Digital Engagement In an ever-evolving digital marketing world, the need for some form of a Digital Asset Management platform is one that most marketers can agree on. In choosing a technology partner, presumptions and asking the wrong questions can lead to costly pitfalls. In this article, we will look at […]

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