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Off the WayPath- Episode 7: Not Automating Bad Processes

Key Points

  • Often, organizations try to speed things up with automation that should not be. 
  • WayPath can help you identify a bad process and not speed up things that are already broken. 

WayPath’s CRO Paul Abdool and CSO John Godwin are here to discuss not automating bad processes. Automation and increased speed to market are two things that our clients often seek. However, it is vital to recognize when to pump the brakes. The trick is to first identify a bad process and avoid the trap of speeding up things that are already broken.  

Often, the most simple, efficient solution is not the first one, and it takes time and energy to design an efficient process that is, indeed, ready to be automated.  

In this episode, Abdool and Godwin identify the signs that a process is bad, including its inability to scale and absence of metrics. What is causing your process to get out of control? We can help you to identify and understand these pains in order to get your digital strategy back on the right path. 


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