The 5 Crucial Skills to Look for in a Microsoft Dynamics Consultant

Offering a full range of robust features and functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is one of the world’s most popular CRM (customer relationship management) platforms. For such a powerful, enterprise-grade CRM platform, Dynamics 365 is remarkably user-friendly. Nonetheless, organizations new to the world of CRM will benefit from hiring an external Microsoft Dynamics Consultant from a company such as WayPath.

But how do client organizations decide which ‘world-class’ consultants to consider for their Dynamics 365 project? A good way to sort the genuine experts from the potential ‘cowboys’ is by comparing them based on these 5 crucial skills and qualities:

1. Functional knowledge

This one almost goes without saying, but not quite. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive CRM platform. Therefore, a competent consultant should be knowledgeable about its different functional modules, features and integration capabilities. Are they well-versed in its technical, development, functional and business aspects? You want to be sure they have proven experience in Dynamics 365 configuration, standard workflows, dashboards, forms, views and standard reports development. They also need to demonstrate a good understanding of different development methodologies, the Dynamics 365 Power Platform and the Dynamics 365 Common Data Model.

2. Business understanding and requirements analysis

Your ideal Microsoft Dynamics Consultant must be adept at grasping business requirements analysis. Make sure they possess a clear understanding of your specific needs and how these can be incorporated into detailed design specifications and ultimately into a working solution. They should be able to judge which modules, features and capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are relevant to your business goals. It can be helpful if the consultant’s functional and business understanding of Microsoft Dynamics CRM spans different industries or sectors.

3. Communication skills

It’s one thing knowing the software inside-out, but what about the soft skills? Can your potential Microsoft Dynamics Consultant appease a tricky stakeholder when there is a delay or address multiple teams about project changes? The Consultant is often required to organize requirements sessions and status update meetings with a client. They also need to coordinate with the development teams to ensure that the project is proceeding as per schedule. They may also be tasked with identifying business/project risks, and communicate them to appropriate stakeholders as and when necessary. All these critical responsibilities require excellent and proactive communication skills plus outstanding inter-personal skills.

Most consultant-led Dynamics 365 CRM projects don’t fail due to poor technical knowledge or inadequate client/business understanding. They fall down because the consultant was unable to communicate appropriately with the right stakeholders at the right time. Before you make a decision, take your consultant on a communications ‘test-drive’ and make sure they have the skills to handle all of the above.

4. Multi-tasking and time management skills

A Microsoft Dynamics Consultant often has to wear multiple hats while juggling plates and cutlery. One day they may support the organization with the design, development, customization and implementation of Dynamics 365. The following they might be helping with data migration and third-party integrations while arranging user training and even supporting with ongoing maintenance. A consultant often provides consultative inputs, translates business requirements into functional and configuration requirements and addresses risks. They may even manage the CRM’s knowledge management aspects. To handle all of these various aspects of a Microsoft Dynamics 365 project, multi-tasking and time management skills are an absolute must. Juggling plates is optional.

5. Problem-solving skills

In addition to strong business, analytical and technical abilities, a Microsoft 365 Dynamics Consultant should be a first-class troubleshooter. From advisory and implementation to maintenance and support, your consultant will collaborate with project stakeholders and follow a project methodology to get the job done, according to the SLA, schedule and budget. It’s very likely that they will encounter problems along the way in terms of risks, delays and errors. But with strong problem-solving (and decision-making) skills, they can counter these issues before they affect the quality or timeliness of the entire project.

WayPath’s team of experienced Microsoft Dynamics Consultants bring excellent functional knowledge and business understanding, as well as outstanding communication, problem-solving and time management skills to every Dynamics 365 project. That’s why we’ve successfully delivered a host of schemes and enterprises for organizations all over the U.S. and around the globe. To hire a WayPath Consultant for your project, please get in touch today for a free quote.

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