Upgrading Dynamics 365 and Building Complex Dynamic Entities For Rush Enterprises

Solution Type: CRM

Primary Goal: Digital Update & Efficiency Enhancement

Tools Used: Microsoft Dynamics 365

About Rush Enterprises

Lauded as a premium solutions provider in the commercial vehicle industry, Rush Enterprises is the largest commercial vehicle dealer group in North America. Operating with the strategic vision of supporting customers with its end-to-end services, Rush Enterprises leverages cutting-edge technologies to provide premium solutions in the commercial vehicle industry. Generating revenue of $5.8 billion in the present, the organization plans to achieve a target of $2 billion in parts revenue and $600 million in service and body shop revenue by 2022. These numbers are within achievable targets as Rush Enterprises steers towards exponential growth. Having entered the industry in 1965, the organization has set the benchmark when it comes to integrated sales and services of new and used commercial vehicles. The customer-centric organization that revolves around the vision – ‘An Eye To The Future,’ will continue to top the charts in the industry for years to come.

The Challenge

With CRM (Customer Relationship Management) remaining the core of Rush Enterprise’s functions, the company has been leveraging a significantly older version of Microsoft Dynamics to manage client information, place marketing pitches, lead customer data, sales call, documentation, etc. With immense pressure from competitors and customer expectations elevating with each passing day, the organization has to take corrective action in no time. While the organization had resources for basic updating, the company needed the help of technical experts to aid in building complex dynamic entities.

Besides, with aggressive growth plans, an older or outdated version of CRM is the last thing a company can expect. As a result, the organization’s CRM tool needed an instant revamping in a way that would:

  • Enhance the overall operational efficiency
  • Pass the right information to the right people
  • Target specific customers for marketing campaigns
  • Simplify service requests from customers and calendar
  • Sync data effortlessly without any losses
  • Plan sales & investment options
  • Culminate in and synchronize sales across the organization.

In addition to the CRM tool, the company needed a document generation tool to generate high-quality reports throughout the sales cycle.

The WayPath Approach & Solution

Upgrading Dynamics 365 + Data Synchronization + Document Generation Tool

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based application platform that combines two powerful components of businesses – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Alongside these two powerhouses, the platform makes the best use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and productivity applications. The masterstroke by Microsoft to infuse Dynamics AX (ERP application) with Dynamics CRM application in 2016 gave rise to Dynamics 365. Some of the critical features of the ultra-modern application include:

Quality Customer Insights: With a wide array of data from the application itself, Office 365, and third-party aggregators, the application provides high-quality customer insights to the organization. The platform’s PowerBI aids comprehensively in identifying customer behaviors and generates predictive scoring.

Efficient Financial Operations: The world-class tool makes supply chain management simple. With efficient tools for product management, planning, etc., the organization can make informed business decisions.

Elevating Marketing Operations: Crafting and organizing marketing campaigns is no longer a tedious task as the tool connects Dynamics CRM with Adobe Marketing cloud, paving the way for targeted and personalized marketing.

Managing Sales Metrics: The platform provides a clear understanding of the organization’s sales performance based on numerous key metrics like customer engagement rates, efficiency, etc.

Data Export Service: Organizations can export their existing data seamlessly into the Dynamics 365 platform while synchronization of data with the database is also a possibility. In parallel, there is a built-in recovery option in case of transient failures, ensuring that there is no data leak or mishandling.

With such trendsetting features, WayPath recommended the latest version of Dynamics 365 to Rush Enterprises. The seasoned experts’ team at WayPath worked in unison with the internal team at Rush Enterprises to help them comprehensively with data synchronization and document generation. WayPath ensured that while the client’s existing data is migrating, the system cross-checks the entire ecosystem for duplication and errors. WayPath also made sure the in-sync of data between the two systems worked as a bridging method until Dynamics 365 was up and running.

Another significant offering that WayPath delivered was the creation of a supreme document generation tool. The underlying functionality behind the tool is that it leverages data from both the system (Dynamic Sales Overflow) and the sales team. The tool generates documents that contain the necessary information, along with crucial tags like in-progress, completed status, etc. This enables the organization to keep things under control by monitoring the different sales stages through detailed documents. Also, the tool specifically interprets the context, location, and process stages to provide appropriate documents. We ensured that the entire system was up-to-date, efficient, and streamlined, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency.

Salient Points of WayPath’s Solution:

  • Supported an upgrade from unsupported Dynamics Environment to the newest version of Dynamics365.
  • Built an efficient Document generation tool with information from Dynamics Sales overflow.
  • Ensured proper data integration and synchronization between systems.
  • Crafted data upload functions to ensure the accuracy of historical data.
  • Worked on real-time integration to multiple data sources, and capturing data from different sales processes.
  • Aided in embedding the Agile Software Development methodology and provided necessary training/coaching to the organization’s internal team.


WayPath helped in updating the Dynamics 365 version of the organization and delivered the project on-time and on-budget. WayPath also provided an all-in-one document generation solution.

Upgrading Dynamics 365: As we referred to earlier in this study, the newest version of Dynamics 365 meant elevated operational efficiency. Furthermore, the organization can now generate numerous marketing forecasts and insights with just a few clicks based on numerous data and metrics.

Efficient Data Synchronization: WayPath ensured that the migration of data between different systems remained seamless throughout the ecosystem. Moreover, common issues like duplication of data were eliminated and an in-sync between existing and new systems was maintained (until the product was ready).

Document Generation Solution: The technical experts at WayPath worked meticulously in developing an all-encompassing document generation tool. The tool accepts data input from the system and sales teams and generates instant, detailed reports according to the situation, progress status, locality, etc.

WayPath provides growth-focused customer-centric solutions that are aimed towards the betterment of an organization. Considered as a market leader when it comes to software and technology consultancy services, WayPath is a reliable partner you can trust. With technical expertise spanning across numerous sectors like financial, healthcare, transportation, etc., we take care of your every need without any hassle. Our CRM offerings are rated the best across the world, and if you wish to collaborate with WayPath for your project, we’re just a call away. Reach out to us via call or email, tell us your needs, and we’ll assist you in all ways possible.

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