Time for an Upgrade?

Signs you Have Outgrown WordPress and Need a More Robust CMS

Sure, WordPress may power 34% of websites on the internet and have over a 60% CMS market share (Kinsta, 2022), but that doesn’t mean that it’s meeting your organization’s needs. The time is now for you to better serve your customers with a more flexible, intuitive, and powerful CMS platform. WayPath will help you to efficiently transition to an industrial strength, off the shelf (OTS) platform that can take your organization’s content to the next level.

5 Signs you are Ready to Upgrade your CMS:

  1. Usability: WordPress lacks the enterprise features required to power a larger website. Contentstack offers powerful features like Workflow, Versioning, and Comments & Discussions to work effectively and efficiently.
  2. Scalability: Additional configuration and services such as a Content Delivery Network (CDN), are required with WordPress. CMS platforms such as Sitecore are designed to scale globally.
  3. SaaS: SaaS products such as Brightspot and SearchStax are constantly updated. This results in less work on your part to keep installs and extensions current.
  4. Architecture: WordPress lacks a refined, recognizable architecture. With a more powerful CMS platform, you won’t need plug-ins that can create significant security gaps.
  5. Support: Open source platforms don’t offer the support you need. CMS offerings such as Brightspot and Contentstack ensure that organizations transition smoothly, providing training for both editors and developers.

At WayPath, we are technology agnostic, and our team of Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) specialists will focus on selecting platforms that will meet our clients’ diverse needs. WayPath will get you to the finish line faster and transform your business goals into a true success story.



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