How WayPath helped in Modernizing a Billion dollar U.S.-based energy company’s CMS and Website Re-design

Solutions Type: CMS

Primary Goal: Digital Enhancement

Tools Used: Sitecore, Coveo

About the Energy Company

The energy company, is a Fortune-500 company, supplying power and energy to different states across the US. supplies electricity to Virginia and North and South Carolina states. With generation facilities in Indiana, Illinois, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, the American power and energy company supplies natural gas to Utah, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia, etc.

Spanning a nearly century-long history in power generation, they have a global workforce of 21,000 employees. The company has over 5 million customers across 18 states under its belt. Considered the nation’s largest natural gas storing facility, they are well-known for natural gas transmission as well. The company’s asset portfolio currently includes:

– 27000 MW of power generation

– 6000 miles of electric transmission lines

– 14000 miles of electric transmission

– 1.2 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and oil reserves

The Challenge

Outdated Website + Frequent Content Management/Delivery Issues

The energy company was on the lookout for a partner to support and enhance their website. The site struggled to meet the growing demand of its customers and content management/delivery issues were on the rise. With the website containing more than 800 pages, the onus was on the company to promise high-quality customer support services. They needed a reliable Content Management System (CMS) to streamline the entire website and prevent data thefts or mishandling. The site needed instant revamping to prevent production issues and delayed customer query responses.

The energy company needed a world-class website that was fast, dynamic, and secure to sustain its brand value and ensure proper customer engagement rates. Theyrequired a best-in-class CMS that would:

● Help them maintain the site

● Ensure that the site was responsive and user-friendly

● Modify the site to meet urgent needs like regulatory compliances and technological upgrades

● Guarantee that the site performed within SLAs

● Manage content across different channels seamlessly

● Support effortless scalability to meet customer and market needs.

The WayPath Approach

Upgrade to Sitecore CMS + Website Re-Design

Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) is a powerful CMS that is multi-functional and customer-oriented. Trusted by many of the world’s largest enterprises, Sitecore’s ability to control every aspect of the website makes it a ‘go-to’ option for organizations. Cross-compatibility and personalization elements based on customers are other core elements that elevate the dependability of Sitecore drastically. The tool’s drag and drop simplicity when it comes to content creation, coupled with efficient integration of other systems and data migration, makes it one of the most popular and trusted Content Management Systems.

With omnichannel delivery and flexibility as an added advantage, Sitecore XM becomes incredibly easy to use and manage. Also, unlike other complex CMS, managers do not need assistance from IT developers or architects to engage with customers or share content across different channels.

Due to such key advantages, WayPath recommended Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) CMS to the energy company. WayPath got into a strategic partnership with the client team to draft a fail-proof plan and approach. WayPath’s experts joined hands with the communications and website re-design team to ensure a seamless transition from the old site to the new site without any interruption or lag in services. WayPath has made the website up-to-date, easy-to-use, and highly responsive. Since customer response time was a crucial metric in need of improvement, we made sure that the site maintained 100% compliance within SLAs. We migrated nearly 800 pages of data to the latest Sitecore platform, ensuring perfect data synchronization and preventing data mismatch or mishandling. WayPath’s technical experts followed the Agile approach throughout the collaboration, which keeps the partnership healthy and accountable.

Key Elements of WayPath’s Solutions:

● Upgrading and data migration of 800+ pages to Sitecore XM platform

● Improvement in the overall content management strategy and delivery

● Agile approach and highly-responsive website

● 100% compliance of the website within SLAs

● Website re-design and smooth transition without interruption.

Tools Used

The WayPath technical team leveraged a couple of popular tools to deliver the project successfully. These tools include:

Sitecore XM: Considered as the leader in CMS platforms, Sitecore XM automates the entire content delivery approach and conserves time and budget significantly.

Coveo: An AI-powered Intelligent Search tool that makes digital experiences smarter and more relevant. By integrating Coveo into the new website, enhanced customer personalization is achieved.

The Results

WayPath played a stellar role in upgrading the energy company’s website to Sitecore XM to successfully redesign the site.

Modernization to Sitecore XM: Due to this upgrade to Sitecore XM, the team can streamline content management and delivery without any hassle. Besides, customer queries can be responded to within SLAs, leading to enhancement in operational efficiency. Moreover, the organization doesn’t need the help of IT developers for personalized digital experiences.

Updated and re-designed website: The updated website comes with a clean layout and a lucid user-interface. This way, their customers can find their intended services in the shortest possible time. The website is dynamic and compatible with regulatory requirements or market trends.

Positive Siteimprove Reports and Opinionlab Survey: The upgrade resulted in positive Siteimprove reports. With Siteimprove, one can audit a company’s website for issues. Their reports resulted in an improved website score across different metrics like quality assurance, and digital accessibility. Opinionlab is a popular customer engagement company that assesses a website’s digital experience. The survey yielded a confident response to the upgraded website.

Consistent maintenance and support: In addition to the digital enhancement and website re-design, WayPath’s team ensured consistent maintenance and support to the organization with its day-to-day maintenance activities. Our agile team tracks the site’s performance periodically, providing instant solutions during downtime.

In case you’re looking for a partner to elevate your organization’s CMS, we at WayPath, are just a tap or click away. Our world-class services, coupled with the support of technical experts can steer your organization towards digitization, leading to better customer engagement and brand awareness.



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