Personalization in Sitecore – Understanding The Midas Touch For Your Website

We live in an era where emails starting with ‘Dear All’ or ‘Hello Folks’ find their way to the Promotions or Spam folders of our G- or M- Suite. Having said that, there’s a huge misconception among organizations that personalizing emails or messages with names enables them to build everlasting relationships with customers. With technologies progressing at the speed of light, people expect more than just personalized messages from a website. Personalization in Sitecore can be an ideal way to address this impending need of customers.

According to a report by Demand Metric, startups that personalize their content between 21% and 40% experience the highest efficiency rate with regards to expectations and objectives. This may seem like an understatement, but it clearly signifies the power of the ‘personalization’ touch. If you’re keen to know more about personalization, this blog is curated to help you out comprehensively.

Sitecore – A Quick Overview

Sitecore is a powerful, multi-functional, .NET based Content Management System (CMS) that specifically formats your organization’s content with customizable rules. In case you want to know more about Sitecore and its characteristics, here’s our article that’s tailor-made for you.

Sitecore typically encompasses a Content Management System as well as a Digital Experience Platform (XP). Here, the personalization aspect has more to do with the DXP than the former.

The Role of Data

An organization with the right data is more likely to succeed in the highly competitive market space than the others with a high economy. Besides, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning creeping into almost every sector nowadays, gathering data is becoming the need of the hour. Sitecore’s Experience Platform (XP) collects a wide range of customer data, including but not limited to:

  • Countries of customers
  • Customer Referring sites
  • Search queries made by the customer
  • Site activities like visiting pages.

This way, Sitecore XP utilizes an adaptive pattern-card matching technique to provide personalization to customers based on their previous visits to the site. With this analysis, Sitecore provides you with a score based on pre-defined benchmarks, enabling you to take action on pages of your site that need instant attention.

Taking a step beyond the website, you can leverage Sitecore’s xConnect capabilities and built-in integrations with Salesforce to merge data from multiple channels to further customize the experience.

The Three Fitting Reasons

Unless and until a tool benefits a considerable portion of the business ecosystem, it ceases to create or sustain itself in the environment. Here are some reasons why personalization in Sitecore is worth experimenting with.

  • The Ultimate Conversion Rate: Personalization strategy can help you in getting the best out of your website from a customer-centric standpoint. By engaging the right audience, you get to complete the customer cycle – strangers to leads and converting leads to customers effortlessly. Toyota experienced a 600% increase in conversion rates after having adopted a 10-week personalization digital marketing strategy.
  • A Boost in ROI: By eliminating human intervention and letting AI take care of your site’s performance, you can yield a greater return on investment (ROI) in a significantly shorter timespan. Your authors and editors can spend their time creating engaging content instead of tuning dials.
  • Continuous Experimentation and Iteration: At the end of the day, you need to ensure that your site is visible to the right audience and at the right time. As a result, instead of relying on instincts or sticking with one manually-devised content strategy, Sitecore’s personalization helps you to monitor the situation periodically and ensure that you hit the bull’s eye in this regard.

Get the Best out of Sitecore Personalization with WayPath

Now that you have identified the importance of personalization in Sitecore, you need a partner to help you with the entire journey. Being a Sitecore Silver Partner, we, at, can help you in personalizing your site while you can sit back and enjoy an increase in your site’s overall performance. Here’s a case study to get you started. Connect with our technical experts today.



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