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Managed Services Maintains and Continuously Improves Utilities Company Website and Demonstrates WayPath’s Longevity with Customer Relationships

Industry: Utilities/Power/Gas 

Solution Type: Content Management System (CMS)  

Primary Goal: WayPath’s mission is to maintain site availability and platform versioning, improve production for relevancy, and troubleshoot issues with content management and delivery. 

Tools Used: Sitecore, Coveo 



Our client, a well-known utility company, serves more than 7 million customers across 20 states, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In continuous operations for well over a century, our client is respected for its mission in delivering clean, reliable, and affordable energy to its customers and communities while protecting the environment.  This company invests in the communities in which its own employees live and work, protecting their natural resources. Empowering its people and creating shareholder value, our client is guided by its values of safety, excellence, and ethics.



Our client needed a partner to maintain the website (including platform upgrades), troubleshoot content management and delivery complications, and resolve production issues, all in a timely manner while continuously improving the user experience. 



About WayPath Managed Services: 

WayPath’s managed services provide development, maintenance, and strategic support to help our clients’ websites achieve higher productivity, increased reliability, and improved quality. Our primary goal is a best-in-class user experience. Managed services can be divided into four major categories: Maintenance, Development, Assistance with Platform Management, and Strategy. 

WayPath’s managed services add value to our clients’ websites and provide a strong return on investment. 

Key Elements of WayPath’s Solution:  

WayPath has delivered ongoing website support and worked with our client’s website redesign team to ensure a smooth transition to the upgraded website with no gap in service. This project exemplifies our long-term commitment to our clients, with whom we have solid relationships. Once the site was redesigned, WayPath’s managed services allowed for the maintenance and ongoing incremental improvements for the site to remain relevant with the current build. In particular, security vulnerabilities are continuously monitored and remedied, and patches, such as bug fixes in forms, are deployed during platform upgrades, or as needed. This retainer engagement ensures the proper maintenance, upgrades, and improvements to our client’s website are done while meeting all service level agreements for a high degree of up time. 

Tools Used:  

Sitecore was able to meet and exceed the needs and desires of our client, both current and future. Our client already used Sitecore prior to the upgrade, so WayPath rebuilt the platform into an improved architecture, meeting all service level agreements. WayPath’s expertise ensured that the quality of the website remains high, for during storm season, it is critical that our client’s customers have availably to the site and self-servicing functions (e.g., bill pay and reporting outages). As WayPath continues to maintain and monitor the site, we utilize best practices and standards, ensuring its accessibility and tailoring it to be mobile-friendly. 

Coveo was used in conjunction with Sitecore to improve search functionality within the site for content or artifacts. 

Tracking the Results:  

This project resulted in SiteImprove reports and OpinionLab surveys. Positive feedback through these third-party reviews confirmed improved customer experiences in regard to accessibility and ease in locating and completing their top actions on site.  Once again, the WayPath team of experts provided customer-driven prioritization of incremental improvements and new features to preserve the value of our client’s website. 

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