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OpenText Exstream Specialists

Our team of experienced consultants will bridge your business and technical teams, allowing you to see faster results.

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OpenText Exstream Advantage

The WayPath OpenText Exstream Advantage

OpenText Exstream is a great choice if you are looking for a world-class customer communication platform, and WayPath will leverage its robust capabilities:

  • Our experts understand the necessity of requirements process rigor and have spent over 20 years evolving our toolkit to support our insurance clients. By leveraging this advantage, our team excels with remarkable agility and unparalleled precision, surpassing teams twice our size.
  • We understand how the OpenText Exstream platform should be organized to optimize maintainability and accuracy. We provide guidance on what functions should be handled within the platform and what should be handled outside it. Just because it can, does not mean you should. We provide our clients with product agnostic, firsthand advice based on years of experience from forms development through the print and mail process.
  • At WayPath, we understand the complexity of forms stakeholder management. We pride ourselves on understanding clients’ business processes and quickly provide consultation and/or capacity, whether it is supporting state filings, driving content rationalization, or flushing out mailing/packaging requirements. We provide our clients with immediate value, sparing them the hassles of recruiting and training resources for short- and medium-term project needs.
  • Our expertise isn’t limited to the composition platforms— our team members have in-depth knowledge of the print and mail industry, ensuring that what is developed can be processed in the most cost-effective way possible. We have experience with dozens of in-plant and fulfillment operations across North America and have consulted our clients on integrations, migrations, and business continuity programs.
  • Our experts can help your organization increase the effectiveness of your customer communications. Whether it’s revamping the visual appeal, rationalizing and improving copy, or driving digital channel adoption, our team will provide expertise and guidance across the entire process.

As OpenText specialists, we’ve successfully implemented, integrated, and customized OpenText Exstream for organizations of every size and industry. We have the technical expertise and the business acumen needed to understand our clients’ business goals and support them at every stage of their OpenText solution project, from discovery to delivery.

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Although our expertise is platform agnostic, we also have strategic partnerships that enable us to help you get where you need to go—faster.

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Our Services

Content Management Strategy and Consulting

We deliver comprehensive digital solutions that address our clients’ unique needs, spanning design, technology, processes and organization.

On-Premise and Cloud Deployments

Our expert team provides infrastructure architecture, deployment and DevOp.

User-Centric Designs and Customizable UIs

Our business is designing exceptional experiences for the people use the system.

Platform Implementations and Tuning

We will deliver, secure and optimize your platform with both speed and accuracy.

OpenText Exstream

Featured Case Study

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Modernization to OpenText Exstream And Development Of A New Business Line For GeoVera Insurance

GeoVera is the leading Earthquake Insurance Service Provider in California, Oregon, Washington DC, and a key Residential Windstorm Hurricane Insurance Provider in Hawaii.

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Create meaningful experiences and unlock exceptional business value in a noisy world.


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