Modernization to OpenText Exstream And Development Of A New Business Line For GeoVera Insurance

Solution Type: Customer Communications Management (CCM)

Primary Goal: Digital Transformation and Scalability

Tools Used: HP Exstream Environment (Now – OpenText Exstream)

Engagement Manager: Matt Waldau

About GeoVera

GeoVera is the leading Earthquake Insurance Service Provider in California, Oregon, Washington DC, and a key Residential Windstorm Hurricane Insurance Provider in Hawaii.

Gaining the rating of “A” for financial strength and operating performance from the A.M. Best Ratings Company in March 2020, GeoVera strives to produce innovative and competitively-priced residential insurance products. The insurance company is an entirely owned subsidiary of the top insurance service provider, GeoVera Holdings, Inc. Headquartered in Fairfield, California, the insurance company has branches across different regions like Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and Tallahassee.

The holistic team of Geovera consists of industry leaders and expert insurance professionals who are well-versed in crafting catastrophic risk insurance. In addition to insurance professionals, the company’s highly-reliable claims professionals ensure that the house owners receive their catastrophe claims in the shortest possible time without any hassle. With a history tracing back to the 90s, GeoVera Holdings Inc. is a highly recognized and trusted insurance service provider in the catastrophe insurance community.

With an employee count of close to 200, GeoVera’s all-around strategy involves assessing the exposure of catastrophe and providing appropriate premium returns based on industry standards.

The Challenge for Providing OpenText Exstream

A prior trial from another provider on the OpenText Exstream had been unsuccessful, so GeoVera Insurance needed a dependable partner to help move forward. GeoVera was looking to validate if the OpenText Exstream platform met its requirements by testing it on a business line before committing to the annual licensing costs. As insurance companies began to explore the digital medium, GeoVera Insurance needed to provide the best when it comes to customer experiences. As the number of customers of the platform increased drastically, the company needed a highly reliable CCM (Customer Communications Management) tool. An insurance company needs to communicate with customers for numerous reasons like providing bills and invoices, periodic premium statements, resolve queries, etc. The annual policy renewal is one critical component that helps an insurance company to keep growing and keep hold of its customers. During the same time, GeoVera Insurance did not want to run the risk of losing out on its employees’ productivity levels.

GeoVera required a CCM tool that would make the entire system streamlined and efficient for employees. The CCM tool must possess top attributes that would:

  • Help the company provide best-in-class customer support services throughout their journey.
  • Ensure that the entire system runs effortlessly on the Cloud, leading to better accessibility.
  • Have a unified design and approach for customers.
  • Streamline the user experience by introducing cross-platform compatibility between PCs and Mobile.
  • Make the best use of customer data analytics to improve user experience periodically.
  • Create instant and dynamic PDFs containing critical and sensitive information about customers.

Enter WayPath  The Approach and Solution

Leverage OpenText Exstream + Build A Business Line Before Long-term Commitment

OpenText Exstream is one of the top CCM tools that is designed with standards-based open architecture. The platform supports seamless data migration from the organization’s internal system and provides highly-engaging, personalized customer experience services. Lauded as the industry leader by IDC Marketspace, OpenText Exstream comes with numerous key features, including:

  • Rich Website + Mobile Customer Communications: The tool provides a rich experience in any form, be it PCs, Smartphones, and Tablets. The use of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) enables seamless accessibility and importing of data directly from the design database.
  • Customer Engagement Analytics: The platform automatically tracks the failure and responses of different delivery channels. The tool leverages the data to provide quality insights and updates on customer engagement rates.
  • Seamless Data Migration: With OpenText Exstream Rationalizer, organizations can synchronize their internal data from any competitive CCM solution. The system eliminates data redundancy and significantly reduces overall maintenance costs.
  • All-in-one Communications: The tool efficiently integrates Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools, thereby providing personalized communications services to customers. With the integration of tools such as SalesForce, customer relevancy enhances significantly.
  • Dynamic PDFs Generator: Organizations need to create universally accessible PDFs that include a variety of elements like multimedia content, hyperlinks, etc. The tool paves the way for delivering personalized PDFs to customers according to their requests.
  • On-premises or Cloud Compatibility: OpenText Exstream has the capability of running efficiently either as an on-premises or cloud-based model depending on the organization’s choice.

The key benefits of leveraging OpenText Exstream for the organization include:

  • Automating documentation: Employees needn’t work extensively on paperwork and documentation as the tool automates and re-purposes templates without any form of human intervention.
  • Wide range of deployment options: The tool can be deployed across a broad spectrum of entities like on-premises, the Cloud, or hybrid cloud options.
  • Providing omnichannel communications: The tool enables employees to reach out to desired channels like emails, SMS, ads, social media, etc.
  • Managing risks: Employees needn’t worry about remembering to notify contacts about policy renewals or updates as the software provides necessary notifications according to pre-defined algorithms. This way, the organization can support customers better, reducing risks substantially.

Due to these value-rich attributes, WayPath suggested OpenText Exstream to GeoVera. After having initially failed in the pilot of installing the same CCM, GeoVera Insurance needed to make amends this time, and WayPath was the right partner to help them do so. Having devised a feasible strategy, WayPath’s team of technical experts deployed the software. Simultaneously, the team also developed a business line to test the efficiency of the OpenText Exstream platform.

WayPath deployed the OpenText Exstream platform within the stipulated time and ran it on a business line, showcasing the tool’s efficiency and productivity to the organization.

The Results of Implementing OpenText Exstream

WayPath helped GeoVera Insurance in successfully deploying the OpenText Exstream software for a business line to successfully verify the tool. WayPath played a critical role in covering crucial aspects of the project like deployment, data migration, assessment, etc. The project was delivered way ahead of schedule, and GeoVera Insurance was delighted to have WayPath as its partner on the project.

Some of the favorable outcomes include:

  • Modernization to Open Exstream: The organization’s overall operational efficiency will elevate massively due to this modernization to the Open Exstream platform.
  • Enhanced customer lifetime value: With the tool by its side, GeoVera Insurance can cater to the needs of customers more holistically, leading to the enhancement of customer lifetime value.
  • The all-important personalization: GeoVera Insurance will stay one step ahead of its rivals by providing a personalized experience to its customers via different channels.

If you’re looking for a partner to elevate your organization’s tech infrastructure, we at WayPath can help you achieve your business goals. Our all-encompassing services, coupled with the support of technical experts can steer your organization towards positive growth in the shortest possible time.

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