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OpenText Exstream is a powerful omnichannel customer communications platform designed for omnichannel customer communication management (CCM). This flexible, scalable platform is a top-rated solution that helps organizations engage with their audience in more meaningful ways through highly personalized communications and content across all channels.

What is Customer Communications Management (CCM)?

Customer communications management excellence is the foundation of any successful business enterprise. In recent years, these communications have taken on new meaning. As omnichannel became a fundamental expectation, CCM platforms emerged as an essential tool in helping companies connect with their audience while also gaining high-level insights from communications data.

Customer communication management helps companies streamline the retrieval, storage, and creation of customer communications across all departments and for any purpose. From marketing outreach to customer service, documentation, warranties, and account management, CCM provides a frictionless, on-brand way to connect, build trust, gain loyalty, and gain a deeper understanding of the buying journey.

OpenText Exstream: A Centralized Platform for All Your Needs

OpenText Exstream is a multichannel CCM platform that enables highly relevant, real-time customer communications, helping companies maximize value from every touchpoint.

From just-in-time messaging to content management and process automation, OpenText Exstream centralizes and democratizes communications and removes the complexities and inefficiencies inherent in managing comms across multiple channels.

Top 7 OpenText Features

Customer communications management powered by OpenText Exstream empowers employees and fosters collaboration, even in a remote work ecosystem, enabling growth at scale.

The top seven most significant OpenText features for CCM include:

1. Consistent multichannel experience

OpenText Exstream provides a streamlined multichannel experience for all stakeholders. Customers enjoy a predictable on-brand experience on their preferred channel, from email to telephone, live chat, or social media. In addition, employees have complete visibility into the customer’s history, ensuring the response is meaningful, timely, relevant, and frictionless.

2. Easily access content

OpenText Exstream is a highly flexible platform that allows access from any device or computer system, maximizing productivity in a distributed workforce environment. Company content is centralized, helping align teams to a common purpose and maintaining continuity across various content strategies.

3. Interactive editing

Employees can edit and collaborate in real-time, reducing timelines and ensuring the best possible result. When updating content to reflect new statistics or features, the updated versions are automatically pushed out to the appropriate channels, making short work of what is often an error-laden and cumbersome process.

4. Customer engagement analytics

Engagement analytics enable high-level insight into customer engagement, helping organizations better understand CX performance. Detailed engagement data enables timely business decisions and encourages continual improvement, helping to achieve greater customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Create dynamic and accessible PDFs

Improve compliance and streamline document processes with automated, personalized PDF creation for invoicing, logistics management, and more. The dynamic nature of OpenText features enable highly personalized and relevant messaging, including charts, videos, and hyperlinks—all fully compliant with ADA and AODA accessibility standards.

6. Simplified rationalization and migration

OpenText features enable simplified rationalization and migration. Within the overarching content strategy, this feature helps to reduce instances of duplicate content, improves efficiency, and reduces costs across the organization while enhancing the value of your content creation efforts.

7. Scalable and flexible

For companies experiencing rapid scale or entering new markets, maintaining consistency and relevancy is vital to success. OpenText features include support for multiple languages, geographical regions, demographics, and segmentation, plus content expiration dates to ensure timely versioning.

Now that you’re acquainted with the top seven OpenText features, it’s easy to understand why OpenText Exstream is the leading enterprise CCM solution. It is flexible and fully scalable to organizational needs, helping you delight your customers while maintaining just the right balance of cadence and personalization across all digital channels.

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