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Why You Need A Sitecore Architect For Your Sitecore Implementation Project

Many organizations that outsource their Sitecore implementation projects to platform experts like WayPath are more concerned about the business aspects of the project rather than its technical aspects. But over the years, a few of our client organizations have expressed curiosity about the talented individuals who worked so diligently to get their implementation done on time, and within budget and scope. Some of these individuals are Sitecore developers – hard-working, skilled and indispensable foot soldiers who ensure that the project keeps moving forward until all goals are met. But, the development team is incomplete without a competent, experienced and dynamic Sitecore architect at the helm.

What value does a Sitecore architect bring to the table? What makes him (or her) such an indispensable member the Sitecore project team?

They help lay a strong foundation for the entire Sitecore project

A Sitecore architect has an excellent understanding of everything related to Sitecore architecture, components, organization and design, back end functionalities, API classes, security models, and more. He knows how the different parts of the system communicate between each other, if there are any internal or external dependencies, and what risks to consider even before project execution begins.

So even before a single line of code is written, a Sitecore architect does all the necessary preparation to help break ground for the project. A lack of such preparation can lead to chaos and rework that can adversely affect the project’s outcomes.

Their critical thinking and communication skills keep the project on-track, on-budget and on-scope

One of the primary responsibilities of a Sitecore architect is of course, to define the architecture. This may include identifying and finalizing the project scope, creating the timeline, identifying the required resources, selecting the right technology, setting up the code deployment methodology and designing a responsive design framework. The Sitecore architect also designs the Information Architecture (IA), identifies the personalization and customization scope, and ensures that the security infrastructure is properly designed and implemented.

But first, they need to understand and articulate key client objectives, validate business cases, and lead and facilitate information-gathering – all of which requires strong communication and critical thinking skills. By harnessing these skills throughout the length of the project, a Sitecore architect keeps the project on track and aligned with business needs.

They are quintessential problem-solvers and excellent decision-makers

Even the most well-planned Sitecore project can go awry. Scope creep, lengthened timelines and overshot budgets are all undesirable. Unfortunately, they are not uncommon. To prevent such challenges from arising, and to resolve them if they do, a competent Sitecore architect looks for answers to questions like:

  • Does this belong here? Why or why not?
  • Is there a better way to do this?
  • Can we do something differently to improve our productivity, efficiency and quality?

In addition, he is well-aware of the various conventions, guidelines and best practices that are most likely to avoid these issues and contribute to the project’s success.

A Sitecore architect also understands the ramifications of everything the team does, from both technical/technological and business perspectives. This means that they can help solve the problems of both the development team and the client. They also have the agility and ability to engage in – and even lead – senior-level technical/business decision-maker discussions.

Sitecore architects @ WayPath

WayPath’s Sitecore architects are experts at balancing our clients’ business goals with their technology needs. That’s why they have successfully led and executed dozens of medium- and large-scale Sitecore implementation projects. For every project, they develop a robust technology strategy, and establish the best architectural and development standards. Most importantly, they also engage with clients to resolve their concerns and issues before they become serious or project-threatening.

Want to know how our Sitecore architects can help you achieve success with your Sitecore project? Let’s talk!