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4 Questions To Help You Choose the Best Sitecore Partner for Your Sitecore Implementation Project

4 Questions To Help You Choose the Best Sitecore Partner for Your Sitecore Implementation Project

In 2019, Sitecore had held the position of Web Content Management leader in Gartner’s ‘Magic Quadrant’ for 10 solid years. So if your organization is planning to switch to Sitecore, great choice!

To meet the increasing demand for Sitecore worldwide, agencies and software development firms are popping up everywhere, keen to convince organizations that they are the ‘right’ Sitecore partners.

But are they really?

The right Sitecore partner can help drive the success of your Sitecore project. But the wrong one can cause a huge frustrating mess that can take hundreds of hours of rework – not to mention thousands of dollars – to clean up.

When Do You Need a Sitecore Partner?

The answer is quite simple: it depends on your current skill level. Engaging with a partner provides you with access to additional skill sets outside of your own department or team which can lead to greater efficiencies and better project outcomes.

Partners offer an array of services that can supplement your team’s capabilities. Their experience with the Sitecore platform also allows them to provide valuable guidance and support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Below, we’ll discuss how you can determine the need for a Sitecore partner based on few simple questions to ask yourself.

Do You Need Help With the Sitecore Platform?

If you’re new to Sitecore or if you don’t have a lot of experience working with Sitecore, then you may need help with installation and setup. A Sitecore partner can help you get your site up and running quickly and efficiently. They can also help you configure Sitecore to meet your specific needs.

Do You Need Help Migrating Your Website?

A Sitecore partner can help with your migration efforts. This is especially important if it’s not possible to do the migration yourself because of the size or complexity of your website. Sitecore partners can help you plan and execute a successful migration.

Do You Need Help Managing and Optimizing Your Website?

If you need help managing and optimizing your website, then a Sitecore partner can be a big help. They can provide guidance on how to make the most of the features and functionality of Sitecore to improve the user experience for your visitors.

Do You Need Help Planning the Best Digital Strategy?

If you need help planning your digital strategy, then a Sitecore partner can be of great assistance. They have the expertise and experience necessary to review your existing website or work with you to create your new website using best practices. They can also provide guidance on how to use other elements of Sitecore to complement your website.

Do You Want Ongoing Support?

If you want ongoing support after installation, then a Sitecore partner can help you make sure that your website is performing at its best. They can provide support for designing, developing, managing, and optimizing your website to ensure its success.

What to Expect from Sitecore Partners

When seeking a Sitecore partner, you need someone who knows Sitecore inside and out, but also has experience implementing the platform in your particular industry. In addition, they should be experts at project management and executing on time to keep your project moving forward smoothly.

Here are six things to expect from a Sitecore Partner:

1. Expertise

When looking for a Sitecore partner, it’s important to find one that has expertise in the platform. The partner should be able to help you with everything from architecture and design to development and deployment. In addition to expertise, you should also look for a partner with experience. This means they should have a proven track record of delivering many successful projects using Sitecore.

2. Solutions

A great Sitecore partner will understand your business goals and can help turn those goals into reality using the Sitecore platform. They should have a strong understanding of your business, industry, and needs.

3. Support

It’s important that your partner is there to support you when you need them. This includes offering timely and accurate technical support, as well as providing training and guidance on how to use Sitecore effectively. If there are hiccups in development or issues with implementation, you need someone who will work with you to resolve them as quickly as possible. Look for a partner that will be readily available for this purpose.

4. Value

Your Sitecore partner should be able to provide you with real value. This means they should make sure they implement the right Sitecore solutions for your business goals and future plans. They should also be able to offer you a good return on investment.

5. Industry Knowledge

A great Sitecore partner will have industry-specific knowledge so they can help you create Sitecore solutions tailored specifically to your needs. They should be up-to-date on the latest trends and best practices in your industry so that you can stay ahead of the competition.

6. Technical Capabilities

A partner’s technical capabilities are important to consider. They should be able to help you with all aspects of your implementation, from design and development to deployment and support. They should also have a robust infrastructure in place so that they can handle large-scale projects without any issues.

Question#1: How many years of Sitecore experience do you have?

If you have identified certain high-value marketing/customer experience/revenue goals for your Sitecore project, don’t take the risk of hiring an inexperienced Sitecore partner.

An experienced Sitecore partner will bring more than technical skills to the table. They can also make recommendations, independently manage your entire development and implementation, and even hand-hold you until project completion.

When evaluating a potential Sitecore partner’s experience, ask pointed questions like:

  • Have you worked on similar projects in the past? How many, when and for whom?
  • Are you a Silver, Gold or Platinum Sitecore partner?
  • Can you provide any references from past clients?
  • Can you provide a demo?

Question#2: Can you handle the scale of our Sitecore project?

When selecting a Sitecore partner, it’s critical to first make sure that they can actually handle the scale and scope of your project.

A modest 7-person agency or development firm that struggles to even reply to your emails on time may not be the right partner for you. What you need is a team like WayPath, with dedicated Sitecore developers, architects and Project Managers that can not only handle your project’s scale and scope, but can also understand your needs – both stated and unstated – and also resolve any problems in a timely and efficient manner.

Question#3: Do you understand our business needs?

Sitecore is first and foremost an enterprise solution, so the Sitecore partner you select should have a good handle on your enterprise. They should:

  • Understand your industry and have an informed perspective on your business requirements and goals
  • Suggest innovative ideas and strategies to harness the power of Sitecore and propel your business forward.
  • Advise you on best practices

In addition, your chosen Sitecore partner should undertake a well thought-out discovery, strategy and planning exercise. Any Sitecore partner that proposes to jump into your implementation project with little or no such preparation may not be the right choice for your organization.

Question#4: Can you offer ‘ongoing’ system support?

As an enterprise system that can grow and scale with your business, Sitecore requires a fair amount of support and maintenance to ensure that it stays relevant and reliable. This is where a Sitecore partner who can provide post-implementation and ongoing support is vital.

So before selecting a Sitecore partner, ask questions like:

  • How will you support us once the project is complete?
  • Will it be ongoing support or ad-hoc support?
  • How many support hours can you commit to in a month?
  • What are your SLAs?

To conclude…

WayPath has been building custom websites with Sitecore for years. Our carefully selected Sitecore developers are technically sound and highly experienced. They also approach every project from a fresh perspective. That’s why our work is always aligned with our clients’ needs and business goals. We also stay with our clients through every stage of the project and beyond, to help them extract the maximum value out of their Sitecore investment.

Need a Sitecore partner you can trust? Get in touch with us!


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