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Case Study WestRock: Upgrade to Sitecore CMS for Enhanced Digital Engagement

Tangible effects on search click-through rates, user interactions with high-value content, increase in sales leads

• Solution type: CMS

• Primary goal: Digital Engagement

• Tools used: Sitecore, Sketch, Coveo,, Adobe CS, Zeplin, InVision, Axure


Fortune 500 corrugated packaging company serving customers in multiple industries and countries all over the world.

Boasting a global footprint and a client base in the hundreds, WestRock is America’s second-largest packaging company. With decades of experience in developing and supplying world-class paper and packaging products, the company now generates annual revenues exceeding $15 billion. Its 50,000 team members live and work in 30 countries developing intricately-designed packaging innovations. WestRock focuses on creating customizable, recyclable, and sustainable solutions that not only meet business needs but are also environment- and community-friendly. With its best-in-class consumer packaging, machinery, corrugated, and paper solutions, WestRock is “Connecting People to Products®”.


Outdated customer-facing website adversely affecting its online presence and digital engagement

WestRock’s customer-facing business website is one of its most valuable digital assets. Since it was first set up in 2016, it has undergone several additions and updates. Historically, many of these changes have been done very haphazardly, with little or no attention given to important aspects like intuitiveness, usability, and accessibility. By 2019, the site had grown to a 1000+ page behemoth that struggled to meet its goals with regards to digital thought leadership and customer communications. Moreover, due to its legacy Content Management System (CMS), security and data privacy had become serious issues, leaving WestRock vulnerable to cyber-attacks and legal risks. Site stability was down, while maintenance costs and downtime were on the rise.

WestRock urgently needed a revamped website that eliminated all these issues so they could share relevant information with key stakeholders, boost their credibility, accomplish their marketing goals, and reinforce their brand value. To meet these key objectives, they required a modern, comprehensive, and user-friendly CMS that would:

  • Help them modify, support, and maintain a responsive, usable, accessible, and site that was easy to find.
  • Make it easy to organize the different parts of the site without affecting its stability or continuity.
  • Simplify the creation of new content that would provide continual value to users.
  • Provide the features and functionality needed to get their message to market quickly.
  • Support scalability to meet changing business, customer, and market needs.
  • Ensure site compatibility with new regulatory requirements, as well as technology upgrades to browsers, devices, etc.
  • Include an easy-to-use backend platform so business users could update the site quickly even if they lacked coding knowledge.


Upgrade to Sitecore CMS + Website Re-design + Microsite Design

Sitecore Experience Manager™ (XM) is a multi-functional CMS that enables brands to fully control every aspect of their website content lifecycle – from editorial, workflow, and reporting, through to organization, security, and even user administration. They can quickly create multiple sites across different languages and display them across all devices and channels including mobile. Plus, this content can be personalized so they can engage with customers at the right time and on the right channel. All in all, Sitecore XM provides a strong foundation for seamless digital identity, strategy, and engagement, making it one of the most popular CMS platforms out there.

Unlike many other CMS, the back-end functions in Sitecore CMS such as content creation, management, and storage are separated from front-end content functions like presentation and delivery. This makes it easier to reuse content across multiple pages, applications, and devices. It also enables content creators to easily preview and publish content without developer or IT support.

Due to all these advantages of Sitecore XM, WayPath recommended this CMS to WestRock. Based on an analysis of their existing website, its current challenges, and their future needs, we drew up a multi-phased project plan. We also defined a new technical architecture and planned the end-to-end upgrade to Sitecore (migration and deployment). Along the way, our multi-functional team of developers, Sitecore experts, and project managers addressed all back-end and front-end website issues, and also implemented enhancements and numerous ancillary microsites. They formulated a robust content strategy and the redesigned roadmap for the current website. While developing the website, they used a storytelling canvas to ensure that the end-user remained the focal point of the project. Since usability and accessibility were key requirements for the new website, our team performed UX testing to identify the enhancement potential for new web features, content, and functionalities. They also thoroughly refreshed the information architecture and UI design to match the latest WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

Key Elements of WayPath’s Solution:

  • Upgrade to new Sitecore XM platform with full migration of 1000+ pages
  • Website enhancements (front and back ends) and new microsites
  • Formulate content, testing, and accessibility strategies
  • UI and UX testing
  • New information architecture and technical architecture
  • Deployment and execution support for the in-house IT team


In addition to Sitecore CMS, the WayPath team effectively leveraged some world-class tools that enabled us to deliver the project on time, on budget, and as per scope.

  • Sketch: To design the new site’s UI and UX
  • Coveo: To incorporate AI-powered intelligent search and experiences into the new website
  • To get feedback from real users, uncover key insights, close the “empathy gap” and improve the site’s usability
  • Adobe CS: To collaboratively create and manage the various multimedia and creative elements for the new site
  • Zeplin: To provide a seamless design handoff and easy annotations, and to create a collaborative workspace for our UI designers and front-end developers
  • InVision: To create rich, interactive prototypes and streamline the entire product design development process
  • Axure: To make robust, functional prototypes with dynamic content, conditional logic, adaptive views, automated redlines, and complete documentation.


Substantial Improvement in Digital Engagement Outcomes

WayPath successfully upgraded WestRock to Sitecore XM and also delivered a more user-friendly and accessible website.

Updated Sitecore CMS: WestRock’s content creators can quickly create high-quality copy and tailor it with customizable rules to effectively manage their brand’s digital presence. They can also test and optimize it to deliver personalized digital experiences to their audience consistently without needing to rely on in-house developers.

Updated website: With the new website, WestRock’s customers can find the information they need thanks to its clean layout and well-organized sections. The content can be easily audited and updated to ensure that it is always relevant, engaging, and on-brand.

Ongoing maintenance and support: In addition to the initial Sitecore upgrade and website re-design, WayPath also supports WestRock with day-to-day maintenance tasks.

  • 30% increase in onsite search click-through rate
  • 5% month-on-month increase in user interactions with high-value content
  • 7% month-on-month increase in sales leads


The site redesign and CMS upgrade project happened over the course of 2019 and 2020. Since then, WayPath continues to work on site enhancements, particularly in the areas of high-value content creation, performance and functionality improvements, and overall design consistency. We also track the performance of the CMS and ensure that all issues are quickly addressed before they cause issues like downtime or instability.

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