Not Just a Large Enterprise Player: Sitecore Brings Value to Small Businesses As Well!

Over the past two decades, Sitecore has made a name for itself as an enterprise-grade Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP). And when huge brands like Microsoft and P&G relying on Sitecore, it’s natural to assume that it’s suitable only for larger organizations. However, this is not the case, as New Zealand’s Gallagher Group discovered to its (pleasant) surprise.

Gallagher, a well-known security firm in New Zealand, recently found a way to harness the power of data and automation to provide its small business customers with the right products and services, along with the most advanced security. With the help of Sitecore, Gallagher created a scalable, user-friendly online platform that could collect its customers’ information while helping them (Gallagher) automate their service delivery and provide more personalized offers to each customer. By integrating the customer engagement and digital marketing platform Sitecore with Microsoft Azure, Gallagher was able to harness the former’s flexibility and user-friendliness with the accessibility, security and scalability of the cloud. This strategic integration provided seamless, end-to-end reporting on customer behaviors, and also enabled Gallagher to understand their customers better, interact with them on their terms and provide them the best user experiences. Ultimately, Gallagher’s security technology received a serious boost while their customers received what they valued most – peace of mind.

Are you a small business looking for a way to transform your content management and customer engagement outcomes? Try Sitecore! For more information, talk to WayPath’s Sitecore small business solutions experts.



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