Transform Your Customer Relations With CRM

Strong customer relationships are essential for any business. Loyal customers are the backbone of your success, and if you know their motivations, pain points, and ultimate goals, you can connect with them in more meaningful ways.

A CRM helps you accomplish these goals, enabling you to deliver the kind of customer experience that keeps them coming back.

How CRM Supported Companies Through The Pandemic

A CRM is a fantastic tool for developing business insights around customer data. However, a CRM does so much more than that, as it facilitates a richer connection, enabling you to exceed all expectations based on their preferences.

CRMs have also been essential in helping companies manage and meet customer expectations through the pandemic. Because modern CRMs are cloud-based, teams can continue to provide a high level of service and responsiveness even when working remotely.

From pushing out updates to providing resources, sending out surveys, or offering incentives to use once you open back up, the CRM provides a way to stay connected to your audience and discover new ways to serve them. For your staff, it helps maintain productivity, unifies teams, and enables automated workflows that are fully integrated with calendars and email, so no opportunities are missed.

CRMs Role In Customer Experience

But being a crucial support in a crisis is just the tip of the iceberg where the value of a CRM is concerned. Possibly its greatest value is in improving the customer experience (CX)—arguably the most critical factor driving customer loyalty today.

Today’s customers choose to do business with companies that can answer their needs more precisely. As a result, certain features, like personalization and omnichannel customer service, have become a fairly standard expectation, and a modern CRM delivers.

To satisfy customer expectations, you need to connect with them on their terms. CRM enables seamless, frictionless connections on their preferred channel. Some prefer Twitter or Facebook; others want to chat live. Still others prefer email or a good old-fashioned phone call.

Before CRM, these channels were often siloed, causing confusion and frustration. Today, your CRM consolidates all communications into a single platform. Conversations are democratized so that one employee can pick up where another left off. Misunderstandings and customer service issues are minimized, and when problems do arise, they can be resolved swiftly to everyone’s satisfaction—and that’s truly the bottom line. Customers don’t know how you’re able to deliver such superb service, but they will appreciate your attention to detail and reward you with their loyalty.

Let’s Talk About Data

One of the biggest advantages of having a CRM is the business intelligence it delivers. And while we’ve downplayed this factor quite a bit in favor of the human element, make no mistake—the data your CRM delivers will help you grow and thrive, even during a pandemic or when experiencing rapid scale.

As you grow, quality is notoriously challenging to maintain—especially if it happens suddenly. A surge in business often means more technical problems, support calls, and supply chain issues. When a customer calls, you have their entire purchasing and support history at a glance and can leverage that information to find a solution.

A CRM automatically makes your entire operation more customer-centric, informing sales and marketing efforts and helping you deliver more relevant, meaningful, and connected experiences.

Final Thoughts

For many companies today, it would be difficult to imagine doing business in the absence of a CRM. Its ability to break down silos, unite teams, enable collaboration, delight customers, and extract vital business intelligence has provided organizations with ways to grow and improve beyond what would have been possible otherwise.

In this sense, you might say that a CRM is a strategy, not just a product. WayPath CRM is a holistic and customer-centric CRM solution for the way you do business today. Learn more about WayPath CRM and how we can help.



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