Getting the Most From Your CRM System

In today’s competitive environment, a feature-rich CRM is integral to driving business success. But it’s not enough simply to have a CRM—you must leverage it to its fullest advantage to ensure you’re getting maximum value for your investment.

A good CRM is not cheap, nor is it simple. But to achieve the results you want, you need to choose wisely, get buy-in from your team, and train them well. The right system will provide you with the way forward. It will help you get more accomplished in less time and drive efficiency that resonates throughout the organization.

The key is to know specifically what you want to accomplish and choose a CRM that can help you achieve those results. For companies in a growth phase, WayPath CRM provides a structure that helps you make the most out of every interaction and from all perspectives, building value, satisfaction, and loyalty from both customers and employees.

Benefits of a Modern CRM

While the naming conventions may vary and importance can shift depending on industry and use case, the main goals and benefits of CRM that most organizations agree on include:

  1. Measuring Customer Satisfaction. A CRM improves customer satisfaction from many standpoints. It streamlines communication, giving your teams a single source of truth that can be leveraged between departments, democratizing data, breaking down silos, and making the most of everybody’s time. Beyond streamlining communication, the CRM automates and tracks the entire customer journey and lifecycle, giving organizations high-level insight into customer relationships over time and illuminating gaps to be filled. In other words, a CRM quantifies customer satisfaction, giving you the data you need to make critical, timely business decisions.
  2. Improved Productivity. Your CRM is a dynamic tool that delivers value based on the effort you put in. However, with the ability to automate repetitive tasks, that value compounds, allowing your teams to focus more on building customer relationships and less on maintaining the status quo. The CRM frees up employee time and enables them to take on more without adding to their workload, sending value straight to the bottom line.
  3. More Cohesive Teamwork. A CRM helps you break down silos between individual employees and teams, democratizing information and empowering teams to collaborate effectively. The CRM aligns sales and marketing, improves business outcomes, and removes barriers to innovation. For remote teams, a CRM is an essential tool to keep everybody connected to the greater mission.
  4. Effective and Measurable Marketing Campaigns. Today’s marketing campaigns and sales funnels are complex, nuanced processes that require a great deal of finesse to achieve the best possible result. A CRM supports and automates these critical functions based on customer behaviors and responses while keeping your employees in tune and engaged with the journey. From initial outreach to email strategy, lead nurturing, and beyond. Plus, you have the benefit of robust reporting to help you track your progress and improve as you go.
  5. Expanded Customer Base and Reach. Reaching the right customers with the right messaging is critical to marketing success. A CRM enables segmentation based on demographics, customer behavior, buying history, and many other criteria, ensuring your message always resonates.
  6. Improved Sales. A CRM will improve just about every aspect of daily operations—which always leads to employee and customer satisfaction. Happy employees mean happy customers. Happy customers tend to stay in your orbit and will refer their friends and colleagues, which, ultimately, translates to more sales

WayPath CRM is the “way” and the solution, an agile, modern CRM that’s fully customizable to your organization’s needs. To learn more about how WayPath CRM can improve your business, reach out today.



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