Technology Assessment: Does My Firm Need One?

Technological advancements are taking over business operations at a rapid rate. Conventional startups/organizations are gradually adapting to the ‘Digital’ way of doing things. In today’s fast-paced world, enhanced technologies are emerging swiftly. As a result, organizations that do not cope with this trend run the risk of losing out on potential customers or, in simpler terms, run out of business. Due to the reliability of technology, the competition in the market has increased steadily. As a result, to keep reality in check, organizations need to avail themselves of technology assessment at once.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to update your system every time a new technology pops up. To help you with the fine line of staying one step ahead of your rivals and ensuring your system is up-to-date, technology assessment services can come in handy. According to a report by 1E Intelligence firm, the average cost of wasted software is 37% per company across the world. Without assessing your system based on the current situation, your operational efficiency gets significantly hampered. Here, let’s look at the role of technology assessment in sustaining your organization in the long run.

Technology Assessment A Brief

Technology assessment is a detailed review involving an organization’s IT infrastructure, security, management, and overall performance. With a high-quality tech assessment report, an organization can analyze areas of improvement, thereby enhancing their chances of sustainability and success.

Why Does My Organization Need A Technology Assessment?

Identification of problems and improving the entire system day-in and day-out is vital in today’s business ecosystem where there’s neck-to-neck competition. Here are some compelling reasons for you to perform the assessment right away:

  • Up-to-date cybersecurity force: You cannot allow any chance of letting your IT systems be vulnerable to malware or phishing attacks. Furthermore, organizations need to promise 100% data privacy and security to satisfy their clients. As a result, when it comes to security, you need to leverage the best cybersecurity tools in town and ensure that your data is encrypted and stored remotely.
  • Eliminate unviable technology resources: Striking a chord between the best technology and its optimum usage is vital in ensuring the overall efficiency of the organization. There is no point in overusing one technology tool and underusing others. Moreover, software trends are fast-changing in this modern era. Technology assessment helps you identify unviable resources and suggests the best tools based on your needs.
  • Avoid bandwidth bottlenecks: Your website single-handedly takes care of your organization’s digital presence. As the number of visitors to the site grows, bandwidth increases proportionately. Poor bandwidth allocation can lead to a network slow-down condition, which is undesirable on any given day. The assessment provides with you a detailed report on your site’s bandwidth usage, thereby notifying your developers to allocate bandwidth accordingly.
  • Updating the communication’s infrastructure: The role of communication to an organization’s success is often overshadowed by other metrics like IT, security, etc. However, communications are one crucial department that bridges the gap between your organization and customers. By leveraging a proper technology assessment service, you get to know the best-in-class communications tools out there. This way, you can simplify and streamline multiple modes of communication like email, calls, etc.

The Final Verdict

For many years, organizations have adopted the breakdown maintenance approach, where actions are taken after problems occur. Gradually, this trend is changing, and it is for the good. Preventive maintenance is becoming indispensable, and, as a result, technology assessment will emerge as a core requirement for any organization in the upcoming years. Now that you are convinced as to why you need to conduct a technology assessment, you need to approach the right technology assessment services provider to help you do so. We, at WayPath, can help you comprehensively in aligning your organization with the latest industrial-technological standards.



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