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Episode 4
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Off the WayPath- Episode 4: Integration

Key Points

  • WayPath can help clients focus on fitting platform functionality to their business domain
  • Many organizations are trying to simplify their data workloads

WayPath’s Senior Leadership Team is at it again, and this time we are focusing on integration.  Integration means a bunch of things to different people, so we are here to explore the topic from a variety of angles. At WayPath, we implement CX support platforms, whether it’s a CMS system, a CRM system, or underlying customer communication management software. Integration is about getting different teams to work collaboratively on highly technical details, and these details matter in order to make different systems work together. Our clients often need assistance connecting a CMS with a CCM platform, and we like to take a very unbiased, pragmatic approach. Our outside perspective cuts through the noise as we educate our clients on replicating data transformation layers across multiple applications. And while the ingestion of data has become easier over the years, the challenge moving forward for our clients is the interpretation of that data by different systems with the same business outcome. WayPath has the tools and knowledge to overcome that challenge, and with our expertise in integration, we will lead you down the right path. 


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