How Cloud Computing Enhances Custom Enterprise Application Development

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations everywhere to adapt their business models and workflows. To navigate changes in the evolving marketplace, meet new customer demands, and boost innovation and competitiveness, many companies are setting up remote workforces, optimizing business operations, and embracing digital transformation. Enterprise technology solutions play a huge role in this scenario. Many of these changes will be permanent, and continue to influence custom enterprise application development (and even outsourcing) in 2021 and beyond.

In 2021, 32% of organizations in North America and Europe plan to connect employees using secure, easy-to-use tools. Some 33% also intend to improve security, risk, and governance. But to satisfy these needs, traditional approaches to custom enterprise application development that involve a rigid waterfall process, on-premise tools, and expensive talent (that’s often in short supply) are no longer appropriate, affordable, or scalable. To ensure uptime, availability, security, and scalability, a new approach is required for custom enterprise application development – cloud computing.

Here’s how cloud computing is enhancing the pace, scope, and scale of custom enterprise application development.

1. Eliminates the Need for Expensive Infrastructure and Hardware

On-premises custom enterprise application development requires expensive and time-consuming hardware installation and infrastructure setup. The Cloud eliminates these requirements so developers can start working with programs and services quickly to shorten development timelines and speed up time-to-market. Furthermore, by reducing these costs, organizations can focus their resources on deploying critical enterprise apps quickly, enhancing customer experiences, and improving competitiveness.

Cloud app development platforms also offer built-in tools, reusable UI components and templates, APIs, data integration, and improved user management to simplify app development and maintenance. These functionalities level the business “playing field”, so even SMBs can enjoy these solutions and leverage them for growth and success.

2. Enhances Collaboration and Quality

Cloud platforms enable better communication and real-time collaboration between teams. Members can effortlessly view, share and edit information, suggest improvements, and ask questions. This level of shareability creates powerful synergies that speed up development, enhance problem-solving and decision-making, create process consistency, and improve productivity. It also minimizes the risks of errors to advance the quality and real-world applicability of enterprise applications.

3. Improves Scalability and Availability

Traditional database solutions for enterprise applications require on-premise infrastructure to ensure user accessibility. But with a cloud-based Database as a Service (DBaaS), development teams can access and utilize always-available database services for their needs.

Most cloud providers maintain server availability over 99.9% to ensure minimum downtime or interruptions to business continuity, as well as faster disaster recovery. Cloud platforms also allow for plenty of storage with top-notch data portability to eliminate problems related to data losses or hardware failures. Ultimately, all these benefits help simplify workflows and streamline operations.

4. Ensures Data and Application Security

Cloud computing offers data encryption, backup, and recovery options for application security and privacy. That’s why most organizations that switch to the Cloud for custom enterprise application development experience improved security and resilience.

Businesses can also take advantage of flexible data security policies to make security decisions based on factors such as user roles or access locations, type of data or application being accessed, and type of device.

The Power of Cloud Computing for your Custom Enterprise Application Development

At WayPath, we believe that cloud computing is the future of custom enterprise application development and a worthy investment for all kinds of organizations. If you’re thinking about migrating to the Cloud, but need help with designing the right strategy, implementation road map, or training program for your team, get in touch.