From legacy bottlenecks to digital excellence: Thrivent Financial’s CMS evolution with a decoupled CMS

by Alistair Wearmouth 

The Thrivent Financial challenge: Legacy systems impeding digital-growth trajectory and speed-to-market updates 

Leading up to a switch to Brightspot CMS, Thrivent Financial’s burgeoning operations were hindered by a multitude of internally-built content management systems.  

The necessity for developer intervention for content updates and site adjustments was becoming a bottleneck. Seeking faster content delivery, improved brand consistency and enhanced control over their internal processes, Thrivent recognized the need for a contemporary enterprise-grade CMS. 

As a member-driven financial services entity, Thrivent desired a centralized publishing model supported by comprehensive process management, brand governance tools and robust security measures. With diverse content requirements, including localized services and dedicated microsites, Thrivent also sought seamless content syndication to its portfolio of both mobile and web applications. 

Thrivent identified a decoupled CMS as the optimal solution to manifest its new corporate identity. This approach facilitated quick realization of its digital vision while granting the flexibility to manage development and updates within the same platform. The CMS enabled theme and style guide customization, aligning with Thrivent’s dynamic branding needs. 

The outcome for Thrivent Financial: Collaborative content creation allied with enhanced agility and control 

The transition to Brightspot resulted in a remarkable transformation for Thrivent. User experiences were elevated, and brand consistency across digital channels was achieved. With the newfound ability to swiftly execute publishing and site updates, Thrivent’s CMS users were liberated from the dependence on developer resources. 

The new CMS implementation also empowered Thrivent’s content team to tailor modules to suit the institution’s unique century-old legacy. This customization enabled more Thrivent colleagues to engage in content creation, enriching member offerings with their insights and expertise. 

Today, Thrivent continues to reap the rewards of rapid time-to-market for publishing and microsite creation. The organization enjoys not only improved customer experiences but also enhanced control over their content processes. By embracing Brightspot’s modern, secure and user-friendly CMS, Thrivent’s digital transformation journey has propelled them to achieve their corporate marketing objectives. 

Thrivent Financial’s partnership with Brightspot has brought about a monumental shift in their digital strategy. By adopting a flexible and extensible decoupled CMS, Thrivent has succeeded in enhancing user experiences, simplifying content management and fortifying its brand presence in the dynamic world of financial services. 

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