Your organization’s website is the key to meaningful and efficient digital engagement with your customers

 A WayPath Platform Selection will identify gaps in your current environment and help you to maximize your investment, showing you the next steps to make this a thorough, yet easy process to improve customer experience.  

Our expert team of Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) specialists focus on the design and implementation of websites, and as a service to our prospective clients, we will analyze your current site to benchmark it and suggest areas for improvement

Create meaningful experiences and unlock exceptional business value in a noisy world.

A comprehensive WayPath Platform Selection tackles these challenges:

  • Inability to identify an ideal platform for your differentiating requirements
  • Difficulty documenting requirements
  • Inability to execute strategic initiatives 
  • Current infrastructure and processes cannot meet the anticipated demand for privacy-related initiatives
  • Poor UX for internal and external stakeholders such as technological shortcomings and fragmented content structure 

WayPath’s approach to CMS selection is technology agnostic and focuses on selecting a platform that meets your organization’s diverse needs.  Our deliverables will get you to the finish line faster, for we will query your current CMS and identify opportunities to organize your content and purge redundancies. And while our team has the skills to expedite this process, we will leave no stone unturned, identifying CMS platform requirements and uncovering differentiating requirements, in order to help you carefully evaluate and select a vendor. 

Throughout the Platform Selection process, WayPath allows your organization to: 

  • Increase sales and customer loyalty
  • Estimate budgets
  • Enhance branding
  • Reduce inconsistencies and IT backlog
  • Support compliance requirements
  • Expedite content searching
  • Centralize and organize content
  • Highlight process inefficiencies
  • Improve UX for all stakeholders

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