Five Benefits of Hiring an Experienced Boutique IT Consulting Firm

For many organizations, choosing a suitable IT consulting firm can be a daunting prospect. Some of them believe that they must retain large/known firms that provide a multitude of IT services across many industries. They assume that such firms, by virtue of their size and broad-based industry experience, are inherently the “right” choice. This is a mistaken belief because the disadvantages of hiring a large firm often overshadow the benefits.

However, hiring a smaller, boutique IT consulting firm like WayPath that specializes in a few key areas and/or industries can yield many more benefits. Here are five of the key advantages.

1. Get an Early Technical Perspective

In a large IT consulting firm, the Sales department will be entirely responsible for signing the deal with your company. At this early stage, all discussions will revolve around service level agreements (SLAs) and money – not the technical nitty-gritty.

When you can freely discuss the technical aspects of your project with the concerned person(s) before the deal is signed, you both get a good idea of what’s needed, what’s expected, and what’s possible. Discussing the relevant technical ideas, estimations and risks early clears many doubts and provides a good direction for execution. This will minimize rework once the project starts, and ultimately deliver far better results. All of this is only possible when you hire a boutique IT consulting company.

2. Create a Strong Rapport and Work With True “Experts”

With a boutique IT consulting firm, you can start building rapport with the person you’ll be working with early on. You can also establish clear baselines that are acceptable to both parties. This will smooth out differences and prevent conflicts.

Another advantage is that the “on-boarding” time for a smaller firm is usually lower because they specialize in your industry or project area. Since they already have a good understanding of your project requirements, they can start (and finish) work faster.

3. Greater Flexibility and Agility for Easier Change Management

Working with a small consulting company gives you plenty of leeway for rethinking challenges, requirements, and execution strategies. This is because a boutique consultant is more agile. So if something is not working as expected, or if your requirements change along the way, you (and they) can easily re-order priorities, re-estimate any additional work, and re-execute the new plan. This additional flexibility can be a game-changer, especially for projects that are not very predictable.

4. Easier Communications, Increased Efficiency, Faster Decision-making

With a smaller IT consulting firm, you can easily reach the right people quickly without jumping through numerous hoops. And if there’s a problem, you don’t have to wait for multiple people or departments to discuss it before they arrive at a consensus.

Fewer people also means more effective collaboration and smoother communications for increased efficiency and faster decision-making. Nothing gets “lost in translation”, no time (or money) is wasted, and there’s no unnecessary red tape.

Furthermore, since client satisfaction and positive recommendations are absolutely critical for the survival of a boutique IT consulting firm, they’ll really care about your (project’s) success.

5. The Big Kahuna: Lower Costs

Working with a smaller but experienced boutique IT consulting firm like WayPath can save your business a lot of money.

Smaller firms don’t shy away from using cheaper or free open source tools. They also have fewer employees, so their own costs are fairly low. They often pass on these advantages to their clients in the form of reasonable prices.

Ready to work with an experienced boutique IT consulting firm? WayPath delivers cutting-edge IT consulting services to four key industries: Financial Services, Government, Insurance, and Healthcare. Our work helps firms in these sectors fast-track innovation, enhance operational efficiencies, and resolve critical challenges. Our experts deliver customized, cost-effective and reliable solutions in the areas of Customer Communication Management (CCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Content Management Systems (CMS). To discuss your project, please get in touch with us at +1-877-334-4266.

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