PathKeeper for Microsoft Dynamics 365
License Optimization Service

Making efficient use of your Dynamics licenses is fundamental to maximizing your return on your platform investment.


Dynamics CRM is an incredibly robust platform that helps enterprises streamline operations, accelerate marketing efforts, and improve customer satisfaction. However, these advantages come at a cost.

WayPath’s License Optimization Service guarantees that you are capitalizing on the full potential of your Dynamics platform. Our experts will review how you use the platform, evaluate your various use cases, and create recommendations on how you can reduce your overall license cost. Dynamics is a powerful platform offering multiple ways to solve your business problems, and depending on your implementation strategy, there can be multiple cost impacts. Our License Optimization Service is an easy way to ensure you extract every bit of value from your Dynamics investment.

Overcome your challenges and unlock the benefits

Licensing Costs

Tackle high licensing costs stemming from inefficient platform usage

Process Automatization

Eliminate inefficient manual processes that create license overuse


High Dynamics storage costs

Employee Satisfaction

Add automation and use integrated systems to increase productivity and collaboration

Data Accessibility

Give users the correct access to data within your organization

Growth Maximization

Optimize scalability through variable technology cost reduction

Increase the value of your platform investment with WayPath’s License Optimization Service.