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Digital Engagement Services: Why You Need to Try Them

Digital engagement services can help to bring your digital customer engagement to new levels. Digital engagement services are a critical aspect of digital engagement strategy, enabling companies to deliver high-quality, next-generation customer service that encourages retention and builds loyalty, sending value straight to the bottom line.

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What are Digital Engagement Services?

The term digital customer engagement refers to the way companies interact with their customers through digital means and is directly related to the customer experience. These days, “digital” covers a lot of ground, encompassing everything from email, live chat, social media, and instant messaging to omnichannel customer service and support.

Digital engagement services are software-based tools and strategies companies leverage to enable a better customer experience through digital engagement. As organizational data becomes more complex, digital engagement services help to democratize this data, supporting the distributed workforce as they serve customers in new and exciting ways.

Here are just a few of the strategies and services used to facilitate digital customer engagement:

  • Live chat. Whether a customer has a question about a product or a customer service issue, live chat is a conversational way for them to get the information they need fast.
  • Cobrowsing. Technical support can leverage cobrowsing to share screens with the customer, helping them solve problems quickly. Companies with cobrowsing capabilities see accelerated time to resolution on support tickets and much-improved customer satisfaction.
  • Video chat. Video chat helps companies quote jobs and gain insight on repairs or claims. It also reduces the volume of unnecessary service calls, helping technicians focus on priorities and lowering organizational costs. It’s also very convenient for the customer, especially in situations where it’s challenging to explain a problem adequately.
  • Omnichannel. Customer engagement happens on multiple channels. Digital engagement services simplifies and consolidates all of it into a single source of truth, resulting in a better, less stressful, and more satisfying customer experience.

What are the Benefits of Digital Engagement Services?

Digital engagement services offer benefits to the customer as well as employees. On the employee-facing side, digital services platforms enable the distributed workforce with democratized tools and data. During the pandemic, as much of the workforce left the office to work from home, it was a way to provide customers with seamless continuity despite the disruption.

Additionally, companies gain deep insights from digital customer engagement data, helping them to understand the customer journey on a more meaningful level, enabling continuous improvement and informing data-driven decisions.

For example, digital engagement services enable a holistic customer view that includes purchase history, customer service calls, social media customer engagements, browsing history, preferences, and more. When the customer requests service, the associate has a complete snapshot of all interactions and can better serve their needs. When the customer experience is good, the customer is happy, and they tend to stay loyal to the brand. As goals go, this is a critical one. After all, it costs a lot less to retain a customer than it does to acquire a new one.

Why You Should Use Digital Engagement Services

More than half of all customers who have a poor brand experience won’t hesitate to switch to a competitor. This metric snowballs to 80% after multiple adverse experiences.

The message here is abundantly clear: customers expect high levels of service. They know which data points lead to a better experience and they’re empowered to seek it out.

Organizations that prioritize digital customer engagement using digital engagement services will prevail as they are continually mindful of these factors and can act on them in the moment based on real-time data.

As our world becomes increasingly digital and data-driven, companies need a way to simplify and make sense of it all. Digital customer engagement is a foundational practice. Digital customer engagement services offer a way to ensure continued customer satisfaction. When you engage customers with the digital technologies and tools they prefer, you’ll always have an audience.


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