Customer Communication Management

Communication with your customers is essential to the success of your business. 

How you create, deliver, store, and retrieve communications will pave the way to the longevity of customer relationships. A WayPath Form Conversion will expedite your time to market while saving your organization thousands of dollars and months of time. 

 Our expert team of Customer Communication Management (CCM) and Digital Experience Platform (DXP) specialists who focus on the design, rationalization, and implementation of customer communications, and as a service to our prospective clients, we will analyze your current environment to benchmark it and suggest areas for improvement. 

A comprehensive WayPath Form Conversion tackles these challenges: 

  • Large IT projects backlog 
  • Change in technology platform 
  • Overspending or dissatisfaction with vendors 
  • Poor customer experience 
  • Increasing labor costs 
  • Audit and compliance requirements 

Form Conversion, or form re-platforming, entails updating existing customer communications (statements, bills, standardized letters, marketing, etc.) though the following steps:

  • Rationalization of current forms library
  • Redesigning the look and feel of forms
  • Drafting requirements for new forms
  • Architecture setup/installation
  • Development (CCM platform, ETL, integration development)
  • Testing
  • And training

Form Conversion allows for a deeper reflection on documents and is therefore often accompanied by a redesign.

Throughout the Form Conversion process, WayPath allows your organization to: 

  • Reduce operating expense 
  • Improve compliance 
  • Increase speed to market 
  • Enhance customer experience 
  • Advance branding 
  • Reduce IT Backlog 
  • Expedite content searching  
  • Centralize content 
  • Highlight process inefficiencies 

Learn how we can help you convert hundreds of forms while transitioning from a legacy system to a cutting edge framework.