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COVID-19 and the ‘New Normal’: The Perspective of Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill

COVID-19 and the ‘New Normal’: The Perspective of Sitecore CMO Paige O’Neill

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic – an ‘equal opportunity’ disaster – we’re now living in a ‘new normal’. In this world, we’re all learning to adapt to new working processes and demands.

What does Sitecore CMP Paige O’Neill have to say about this new normal?

In a recent interview, O’Neill expressed gratitude that her company and the global ‘digitization experiment’ make it possible for her and her team to stay safe at home while staying connected with each other.

She also mentioned how impressed she is with some companies that are leveraging their omni-channel capabilities to better serve their customers during the pandemic. This echoes some of the values that Sitecore and its CMS and DXP platforms stand for, which might explain O’Neill’s glowing words of praise.

As an organisation, Sitecore is making an effort to help their customers meet their needs through their interactions and messages. This strong pivot towards the customer is again something that Sitecore’s solutions have always embodied, so their actions now are unsurprising (albeit welcome).

O’Neill also believes that digital is providing a “lifeline for businesses”. At WayPath, we fully agree. Sitecore in particular is ingrained in the ‘lifeblood’ of many of our customers’ organizations, empowering them to deliver memorable brand experiences across multiple customer touchpoints with content. Don’t let the COVID-19 crisis derail your organization’s goals. Create seamless, personalized ‘digital experiences’ for your audience with Sitecore. To know more, get in touch!


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