WayPath creates Strategic CRM and CMS Roadmap for Northeast Teleco to Revamp Systems

Digital enhancement to create compelling customer experiences

Solutions Type: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Content Management System (CMS)

Solutions Used: Customer Experience Consulting, Strategy

Tools used: Strategy engagement

About the Company

Our client, a world-class telecommunications company, has more than one million customers and provides best-in-class services to multiple states across the US. From cellular connections in the last century to digital communications of the modern era, the company has pioneered customer loyalty, growth, success, and economy. With a legacy of more than a hundred years, the company provides digital wireless and wireline networks that help customers comprehensively.

The Challenge

Traditional, Outdated System Leading to Low Efficiency and a Poor Customer Experience

Even though a giant in the sector, the client hadn’t invested in technology for more than a decade. Today, an ultra-modern business website is an invaluable asset to any organization. The client struggled to make a definitive online presence, facing issues around aspects such as accessibility and usability. With the client entering new markets and facing strong rivals, it was business-critical to digitize and modernize its various activities. This included the website, customer service, and customer experience. The client’s competitors were already making a significant impact on customers, and so, the client needed to respond instantaneously.

The company recognized that it required architecture recommendations, a definitive roadmap, a well-organized Content Management System (CMS), and highly reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools. Besides, the company had already devised aggressive growth plans for the coming years in the sector. In short, to meet these key objectives, the client needed a comprehensive strategy providing workable solutions that included:

● Enabling seamless modification and modernization of the website with limited help from the IT team

● Simplifying processes so marketers could plan content and publish seamlessly

● Leveraging the best technology architecture to stay ahead of competitors

● Drafting a detailed roadmap with feasible objectives and goals

● Transforming the traditional design aspects into more sophisticated and modern ideas

● Devising a detail-oriented cost analysis plan for future collaborations and development

● Effortlessly managing content displayed on the website through a single tool

● Making access to services for customers more flexible, reliable, and instant

● Ensuring that the organization had a strong online presence and authority.

The Approach

Devising the Best-in-class Strategy to Streamline Activities

To provide world-class solutions, WayPath first needed to understand the ins and outs of the client’s business. It did not take time for our experts analyzed and identified the most suitable strategy for the telecommunications company. The approach involved:

Identifying the Areas of Improvement

With the client stressing the digitization and revamping of the entire system, we identified improvement areas. These included:

● Understanding the internal and external customer journies to draft compelling UX designs that were intuitive, informative, and simple

● Identifying the client’s budgets, resource skills, and conducting extensive cost analysis before preparing plans.

Understanding the Customers

Customers are the bloodline for any organization. Hence, a high level of customer satisfaction remains the pinnacle. WayPath’s experts ensured they understood the client’s customers comprehensively. The strategy included:

● Analyzing customer needs

● Drafting customer personas based on numerous scenarios

● Understanding real-time complexities with customers

● Identifying various interaction channels and support mediums.

The Solution

Comprehensive Strategy + Detailed Three-year Roadmap

WayPath’s team of technical experts came up with a world-class solution that modernized the client’s entire system and elevated operational efficiency. Our detailed strategy provided technology recommendations based on the current market trends and the latest technological advancements. We also developed platform POCs (Proof of Concept) and demos to allow the stakeholders to visualize the system better. This way, the client could materialize the project’s worthiness and expectations were aligned.

Our team keeps abreast of trends and changes. This meant they provided a comprehensive three-year roadmap to the client, including cost analysis and other aspects into the picture. By devising the strategy, WayPath suggested tools for CRM and CMS, thereby enhancing the productivity of the company. Also, by suggesting technology architecture, the telecommunications company could deliver the best experience for its customers and adapt to the market’s dynamic needs.

WayPath’s Solutions Included:

● A world-class strategy that was drafted after considering different aspects and conditions

● Introduction of a CMS tool to organize content efficiently and effortlessly

● Implementation of a CRM tool to manage customer relationships and reduce query resolution time

● Provision of platform POCs and demos to help the client better visualize the approach and end-result

● Drafting a three-year roadmap for the organization that included the crucial aspect of cost analysis

● Provision of combined technical expertise in CRM and CMS technologies as well as integration capabilities and functionalities.

Expected Results

The project is still underway, but the collaboration with WayPath has yielded positive outcomes for the client instantly. “This project has gone much better than I had anticipated,” stated the Director of Marketing of Northeast Telecommunications company.

We expect the following benefits and results from the project:

● Reduced inbound calls stemming from online experience capability: With digitization, customers needn’t call the service center every time. This inevitably reduces inbound calls and enhances the customer experience significantly.

● Shortened call handle time in call centers: By adding a relevant CRM tool into the system, customer service agents no longer have to spend time tracking down requests or handling multiple queries.

● Improved customer satisfaction: The whole point behind this revamping was to satisfy customers comprehensively. By introducing a world-class user interface, features, and functionalities of the website, the client can expect to see increased customer satisfaction.

● New product sales growth: With the company entering new markets, this digitization is expected to help with product sales and the company’s overall growth. The client can engage with customers through multiple mediums, thereby creating brand awareness and outreach.

WayPath’s all-inclusive team of developers, architects, technical experts, project managers, MVPs, and partner network, are the ideal destination for organizations that strive for growth and development. We follow agile methodology, and our experts are well-versed with the latest technological advancements to provide top-notch solutions to clients worldwide. Schedule a meeting with us, tell us your requirements, and we’ll help your organization with our experience and real world solutions.

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