How WayPath Helped Northeast Telecommunications Company Create Agile CX

Rapid UI development to enrich customer experience (CX)

Solution Type: Content Management System (CMS)

Primary Goal: Digital Enhancement

Tools Used: Pega

Our client, a world-class telecommunications company with more than one million customers, operates across multiple states in the US. From cellular connections in the last century to digital communications of the modern era, the company has pioneered customer loyalty, growth, success, and economy. Having been in existence for more than a hundred years, the company has played a crucial role in enabling digital wireless and wireline networks that help customers comprehensively.

The Challenge

Poor Website Design Directly Impacting CX

With digitization an inevitability, the company needed to engage the audience via a highly-compelling and informative website. The existing website was outdated, leading to poor CX rates. With customers demanding a robust online presence, the onus was on the company to satisfy the audience’s demands and enhance sustainability.

The telecommunications company needed an urgent revamping of the website, taking into account the all-important CX factor (look and feel). With so many online tools out there, the client needed to verify if a particular tool (Pega) matched the requirements. All these aspects were to be instantly addressed as the company was already running out of time, and it could not risk any harm to customer relationships.

In short, the client needed a very rapid UI development that would:

● Provide a best-in-class customer experience

● Make the website more informative and accessible

● Enable efficient accessibility of the site without any involvement of an IT team

● Pave the way for seamless customer engagement and personalization

● Guarantee that the website was up-to-date and following the current market trends

● Ensure that the design was simple, informative, and engaging

The Approach and Solution

Rapid UI Development

Pega is highly innovative software that reduces business complexity and maximizes customer lifetime value. The software leverages intelligence automation and real-time Augmented Intelligence (AI) to transform brands digitally and solve problems effortlessly. With Pega’s proven methodology, brands can build a consistent and rich UI application that is dynamic yet easy-to-use. Some of the significant advantages of using Pega over other online resources and tools include:

● Automation and simplification: Reducing human intervention and seamlessly handling the massive volume of customer services is one of Pega’s key advantages. With its agile technology, the website becomes more efficient and proactive to problems.

● Enhanced customer engagement: By leveraging Pega, brands can establish deeper relationships with customers. Right from making real-time decisions and effortless personalizations, customer engagement rates go through the ceiling.

● Improvement in overall efficiency: With Pega, brands can accelerate their site’s functioning and streamline activities and responses. This way, with a resilient system, transaction time reduces, and overall operational efficiency increases.

Despite these assurances, the client was in two minds about whether Pega would be the right choice for their infrastructure. As a result, the client reached out to WayPath to identify if Pega could produce an adequate CX. The client’s marketing team opted for a “clean slate” approach, where they devised strategies for building a website from scratch. WayPath’s technical experts partnered with the marketing team to identify if Pega met the client’s design requirements.

At Wayath, we developed multiple screens using Pega technology, paving the way for an agile and ultra-modern CX. This way, the entire system gained a new shape and feel. With efficient tools in place, the website was ready to elevate CX rates to a whole new level. Although the project’s duration was short, WayPath ensured that the client was completely satisfied with Pega and the revitalized website. We placed usability and accessibility at the forefront and designed the user interface accordingly. With new web features, content, and functionalities, the client can now stay ahead of the rivals and align with current market trends.

Some of the key elements of WayPath’s solutions include:

● Development of new agile CX

● Elevating CX comprehensively (look and feel)

● Meeting client’s design requirements by leveraging Pega

● Website enhancement

● Deployment and execution support throughout the project

The Results

Ultra-modern Website + User-friendly Interface

WayPath successfully helped the telecommunications company bridge the gap between CX and their website using Pega technology. “You nailed it. This is exactly what we want,” quoted the Director of Marketing of the client after looking at WayPath’s indispensable contribution in developing multiple screens within just two weeks.

● Multiple screens using Pega technology: The client was keen to analyze if Pega was their ‘go-to’ tool. To eliminate the cloud of doubts, WayPath successfully created multiple screens. These developments were found to align and satisfy the design requirements set by the clients.

● Appealing and agile CX: In this dynamic digital world, brands need an agile user-interface to organize multiple aspects and create an engaging atmosphere. The CX of the platform directly impacts the productivity rates and conversion metrics of a website. Our solution included rapid UI development in collaboration with the client’s marketing department.

● Updated website: With the new website developed using the clean slate approach, the client’s customers are gaining an unparalleled experience. The client’s marketing team stays updated with the current trends and keeps the customers engaging without the IT team’s input.

WayPath’s highly-skilled team of developers, technical experts, architects, project managers, MVPs, etc., can provide the all-important cutting-edge approach for your organization and brand. Our streamlined in-house approach, coupled with our agile methodology, makes us highly reliable and favorable for clients worldwide. We have successfully refurbished websites of numerous popular brands and have aided in elevating the CX rates of sites. Collaborate with us on your next project, we’re just a call away. Schedule a meeting, discuss your requirements, and we’ll help you get one step closer to your objectives and vision.

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