Dynamics 365 Streamlines Workflow for Large Nonprofit Organization

Industry: Global Nonprofit Organization 

Solution Type: Content Relationship Management (CRM) 

Specific Tools: Microsoft Dynamics 365 


Our client, a nonprofit organization that completes work across the globe, required a program to allow for a smooth hiring and vetting process. Applicants to the organization, clients of the organization, and employees of the organization needed to input data, exchange information, and upload documents. Our client required a consistent process for an 18-month recruiting workflow that allowed for the documentation of who spoke with whom and ensured that no part of the process was missed or repeated. Experiencing an extreme case of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” our client needed to track interactions with hundreds of applicants and a variety of other participants while maintaining a self-servicing process. The goal of our client was to establish not only a streamlined application process but also a strong return on investment.   

Unique Value Add: WayPath added Dynamics 365 expertise and solution architecture to the project. 


The proposed technical solution was strategically identified as Dynamics 365 in order to leverage the inherent workflow capabilities of a platform and to handle the scale of our client’s needs. Our client desired assistance from WayPath to conduct user requirements sessions and user stories for implementation. Because our client has applicants seeking to work abroad, it was critical to create an organized process that gathered information from a variety of sources. WayPath’s minimum viable solution was a catalog of development items for applicants to complete. This offered a centralized place for them to work so that all stakeholders could easily see the status of the process.  

Each applicant was assigned a consultant to help them learn a new language and prepare physically, emotionally, and financially to go abroad. The Dynamics portal allowed for smooth email communication between the consultant and the applicant, while SharePoint was used to upload files via secured channels and messaging.  

Our client, driven by a stronger ROI, was able to save significant costs by moving much of the functionality from Salesforce to Dynamics, for Dynamics allows for increased centralization, standardization, compliance, and visibility.   

In addition to streamlining our client’s process with applicants, WayPath also conducted workshop sessions with the tax team to identify the vital requirements for a minimum viable release of a Tax Administration product in Dynamics 365. WayPath also documented the user stories, key sample screen mock ups, and data table necessary to deliver a viable release of a Tax Administration product in Dynamics 365. 


This project took WayPath about six months to complete, emphasizing our speed to market capabilities, and it was done so on a very conservative client budget.  

Our relationship with this client continues, for a second phase of this project will involve WayPath training our client’s IT team to do the Dynamics work internally. 


The expertise and experience of the WayPath team, combined with the functionality of Dynamics 365 can streamline and vet any client’s recruiting process with similar pain points and needs. Dynamics offers a variety of “accelerators” for recruiting and applicant tracking systems and provides a seamless flow on a larger scale. Building a solid pipeline is a growing need for many organizations, and WayPath will help you fill that pipeline faster. 

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