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Dynamic Customer Account Management Portal for Telecommunications Company

Industry: Telecommunications 

Solution Type: Content Management System (CMS) 

Primary Goals:  

  • Implementation of a customer portal in order to reduce volume and length of calls to customer support representatives (CSRs)    
  • Increase upselling and cross-selling as customers make changes to their accounts and adjust billing 

Tools Used: Pega, Adobe Experience Manager (Cloud) 


Our client, a world-class telecommunications company with more than one million customers, operates across multiple states in the US. From cellular connections in the last century to digital communications of the modern era, the company has pioneered customer loyalty, growth, success, and economy. Having been in existence for more than a hundred years, the company has played a crucial role in enabling digital wireless and wireline networks that help customers comprehensively. For this particular project, our client focused on a line of business offering fiber internet, cable, and voice services to its rural customers. 


Customers had no way of managing their accounts or services online, and all changes had to be completed over the phone during business hours with live CSRs. Throughout the order management process, CSRs had significant manual processing to complete at each step, and there was a heavy reliance on individuals with specialized knowledge for various workarounds and processing. 


The combination of an online marketing website and account management efforts prepared our client for modern customer service and delivery. The main focus was the Account Management portal and the ability for existing customers to manage their services. 

Key Elements of the Solution: 

For the Account Management project, our team worked for nearly six months, starting with a two-week discovery period, followed by seven two-week development sprints. WayPath managed the engagement, which included collaboration with our client’s business and technology teams. Developers and analysts worked to deliver a personalized, dynamic customer portal built on the Pega platform supported by our client’s product catalog, built and housed in Adobe Experience Manager (Cloud). 

Through daily development stand-ups, development and design work, grooming sessions, demo-extensive meeting summarizations, analysis, additional research, and break-out sessions, the WayPath team delivered a customer portal on the Pega platform, supported by an Adobe-hosted product catalog, that enables our client to meet call reduction goals while increasing upselling and cross-selling capabilities. 

A detailed discovery session up front made for a smooth and seamless project. Additionally, pulling in stakeholders from various teams across our client’s organization (customer representatives, marketing staff, and catalog owners) helped to uncover gaps early on the process. It was clear that complex logic needed to be determined early in our timeline, along with testing scenarios, test plans, and test account requirements in order to uncover edge case scenarios. 

WayPath’s team of experts built a dynamic online customer account portal that provides existing customers the ability to log into a secure online, mobile-friendly area to view and manage their existing telecom services, account details, and preferences. The portal significantly improved customer satisfaction while reducing customer service calls.  

WayPath’s highly-skilled team of developers, technical experts, architects, project managers, and MVPs can provide the all-important cutting-edge approach for your organization and brand. Our streamlined in-house approach, coupled with our agile methodology, makes us exceptionally reliable and favorable for clients worldwide. We are only a phone call away, so schedule a meeting, discuss your requirements, and we’ll help you get one step closer to your objectives and vision of second-to-none customer service. 

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