Client Testimonial: WayPath’s Expert and Streamlined Migration Services Expedite FocusOne’s Transition to Their New Client Management Platform 


As part of its strategic plans, Hatteras FocusOne was moving to new internal processing platforms and was looking to transition clients and workflows to the new platform as quickly as possible. The migration needed to occur with minimal interruption to the client base, existing process flow, and workforce. Hiring on resources with specific high level technical and programming skills for the legacy system would have been very costly and time consuming.  


Hatteras FocusOne, a leading communication delivery company, deploys the most current printing and inserting technologies in order to improve operations and revenue recovery for customers in the financial services industry. They serve clients in federal, state, and municipal government as well as Fortune 500 companies and the nation’s largest accounts receivable management (ARM) companies. 

Business Problem 

Hatteras FocusOne was utilizing a legacy system that requires specific technical skill sets that are not common knowledge in the financial services/debt collection printing industry. They are a growing company needing to focus limited resources on core business, new products, and continued growth. As part of the organization’s strategic plans, they elected to move to new internal processing platforms and were looking to transition clients, templates, and workflows to their new platforms as quickly as possible, with minimal interruption to their client base, existing process flow, and workforce.   

Hatteras FocusOne needed to find the correct resources to complete the programming work without expanding their own staff, for their current staff needed to service existing clients,   deploy new clients and initiate new product development.   


Hatteras FocusOne engaged with WayPath to implement their new systems. According to Linda Woodward, VP of Strategic Accounts, “Partnering with WayPath allowed us to expedite the transition to a new processing platform while allowing our existing workforce to stay focused on core objectives of business growth and servicing our client base.” Linda Woodward also attests that FocusOne’s work with WayPath in implementing this new workflow process improved production efficiency, quality, workflow consistency, and billing processing. 

The WayPath Difference 

WayPath’s expertise and broad knowledge of the print service industry are is what first gained Linda Woodward’s attention; however, she was impressed with how WayPath nurtured a partnership that resulted in a detailed plan that truly represented the results promised. With the project completed, Woodward notes, “Expectations were at first met and then exceeded.” Beyond the actual application of programming staff, a significant amount of time was applied by WayPath’s sales team to understand FocusOne’s operations and business needs, ensuring that the final project was planned out thoroughly and accurately for the most efficient deployment.  She remains most impressed by how WayPath got FocusOne to the finish line faster but also in the “right” way. “What would have taken us months to do, WayPath helped us to do in weeks and found enhancements through their additional quality control reviews.” Linda praised all WayPath team members, noting that “WayPath took the time at the most senior levels of their organization to work with our senior-level management to understand our goals, processes, and challenges and built a successful plan that met all of our needs.” 


WayPath’s solution alleviated the backlog of approximately 200 templates  needing to be migrated to FocusOne’s new solution. WayPath’s in-house talent and detailed timeline allowed FocusOne to hone in on their own business development and client support. “The entire team shined from beginning to end,” says Linda Woodward. “This sense of partnership, communication, and planning at all levels of the project and process was refreshing and absolutely distinguishes WayPath in the market.”  

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