How To Deliver Richer ‘Omnichannel’ Experiences For Your Customers With Sitecore Experience Platform 10

Sitecore has been around since the early 2000s and has done a great job of staying in sync with the changing behaviors, tastes and needs of today’s digitally-savvy customer. To this end, Sitecore’s focus on enterprise digital transformation and rich customer experiences has remained unwavering, which has benefited hundreds of brands and millions of consumers all over the world.

And they have proved this once again with the launch of Sitecore Experience Platform™ (XP) 10. As the name suggests, XP 10 is a feature-enriched ‘digital experience’ platform that provides brands enhanced control over their marketing lifecycle. XP 10 helps bring Marketing and IT departments together by eliminating inefficient ‘silos’. Through this, it creates synergistic efficiencies that enable IT teams to set up flexible technology infrastructures and processes, and Marketing teams to deliver meaningful and personalized customer experiences. Furthermore, XP 10 not only delivers full container support for rapid deployment and faster solution onboarding; but also speeds up the collection and analysis of valuable customer data. It thus empowers brands to strengthen personalization capabilities, deliver more meaningful omnichannel experiences and thus grow customer loyalty. All in all, XP 10 is the ‘win-win’ solution that today’s brands need and today’s customers demand.

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