Amir Setoudeh wins Sitecore Most Valuable Professional award

Elite distinction awarded for commitment and dedication to the Sitecore community 

RICHMOND, Virg., — January 31, 2022 — WayPath, a boutique customer experience consulting firm, today announced that Amir Setoudeh, our Sitecore Technical Director, has been named a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) by Sitecore®, the global leader in digital experience management software. Setoudeh was one of only 141 Technology MVPs worldwide to be named a Sitecore MVP this year. 

Recognizing professionals within the Sitecore community who actively apply their talent and expertise to help others best utilize Sitecore products to deliver premier customer experiences, the MVP program is now in its 16th year. Of more than 16,000 certified developers and over 30,000 active community participants, the 235 MVPs are truly an elite group. This year’s MVPs were selected for the quality, quantity and impact of the contributions they made in 2021, including the sharing of product expertise and mastery of the Sitecore platform to support both partners and customers.  

“Amir brings not only deep Sitecore knowledge but a real sense of client service to every engagement,” Jeff Hansen, WayPath’s Chief Technology Officer, said. “He constantly thinks about how he can improve our clients’ interactions with the Sitecore platform and how they can get more value from their investment. He also brings innovative and creative thinking to our engagements, making the platform do things that no one has thought of before. Amir has always been an MVP in my eyes, and I’m thrilled that Sitecore and his fellow MVPs have realized that as well.” 

Sitecore has been a strategic partner with WayPath for more than 10 years and is a cornerstone of WayPath’s Digital Engagement practice. “They [Sitecore] provide one of the best Digital Experience Platforms available in the market,” said Hansen. “Sitecore allows us to accelerate our clients’ digital transformation engagements and realize value in the first weeks and months of adopting the platform.” 

“The Sitecore community is one of our greatest assets. It’s a highly collaborative environment where members freely share their knowledge and insights across numerous channels and at events,” said Dave O’Flanagan, Sitecore chief product officer. “Sitecore MVPs stand out as community leaders who are dedicated to helping others build greater digital experiences for their organizations and customers. They are an invaluable resource and important part of the Sitecore user experience, for which we are truly grateful.”  

Setoudeh echoed O’Flanagan’s sentiments: “The Sitecore community is selfless and always giving,” he said, “When I started working with Sitecore 13 years ago, I was learning about it on my own and didn’t have a lot of resources to turn to. That’s when I found the many kind and wonderful people in the Sitecore community that were willing to give their time and provide the guidance and answers that I needed. It is my desire and responsibility to be helpful now in whichever way I can and give back to the community that has given me so much.” 

More information can be found about the MVP Program on the Sitecore MVP site:

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