Top 9 Salesforce Consulting Firms in 2024

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company that provides customer relationship management (CRM) solutions. Founded in 1999, Salesforce has grown to become the global leader in CRM software. 

Salesforce offers a wide range of products and solutions for sales, service, marketing, commerce, and more. Some of their key products include:

  • Sales Cloud: The core Salesforce platform for sales force automation and CRM. It helps manage leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts, and sales processes.
  • Service Cloud: Enables companies to provide customer support and service across channels like phone, live chat, email and social media. 
  • Marketing Cloud: An all-in-one marketing platform with email marketing, social media marketing, advertising, content management and analytics.
  • Community Cloud: Powers branded online communities to connect with customers, partners and employees.
  • Analytics Cloud: Business intelligence and reporting tools to gain insights from data across Salesforce.
  • Commerce Cloud: Provides ecommerce capabilities to create customized shopping experiences.

Some key benefits of using Salesforce include:

  • Cloud-based: Available anytime, anywhere since it is hosted in the cloud. No need for on-premise hardware.
  • Scalable: Can be quickly scaled up or down to match business needs.
  • Flexible– Highly customizable platform with AppExchange marketplace.
  • Collaborative: Enables teams to share information and collaborate efficiently. 
  • Mobile: Native mobile apps provide access on the go from any device.
  • Analytics: Powerful analytics and reporting to get actionable insights.
  • Customer-centric: Gives a 360 degree view of each customer for better engagement.

Over the past two decades, Salesforce has redefined how companies manage relationships with customers. Its cloud-based CRM solutions help drive sales, improve customer service and gain insights through analytics.

How Should You Pick a Salesforce Consulting Firm?

Choosing the right Salesforce consulting partner is crucial to get the most value out of your investment. Here are some key factors to consider when evaluating firms:

Experience with Your Industry

Look for a firm with expertise in your specific industry vertical. They will understand your business needs and processes better. Having worked with similar clients gives them insight into common pain points and opportunities.

Services Offered Match Your Needs 

Carefully evaluate the services offered to ensure they align with your goals. Some firms specialize in certain areas like configuration, development, or training. Others offer end-to-end services. Pick a partner that can provide the right mix of capabilities for your unique requirements.

Expertise with Specific Salesforce Products

If you plan to use Salesforce products like Marketing Cloud, CPQ, or Financial Services Cloud, find a firm with proven experience implementing those. They will know the intricacies and best practices to set you up for success.

Pricing and Budget

Consulting fees can vary greatly so get detailed quotes. Look for value more than lowest cost. The right partner will work within your budget constraints to maximize ROI. Clearly align on billing structure, rates for different resources, and any travel expenses.

Company Size and Scalability

Bigger firms can offer more resources for large complex projects. Smaller firms provide more attention and flexibility. Ensure the partner has capacity to scale up or down to match your evolving needs.

The Ideal Fit for your Business

Most importantly, the partner should understand your business goals and be able to translate those into an effective Salesforce solution. Carefully evaluate the services offered to ensure they align with your goals. Some firms specialize in certain areas like configuration, development, or training, while others offer end-to-end services. Pick a partner that can listen to your needs and provide the right mix of capabilities for your unique requirements. The ideal partner acts as a trusted advisor that gets to know your business inside and out.

Top 9 Salesforce Consulting Firms in 2024

WayPath Consulting


WayPath is a leading Salesforce consulting firm founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Richmond, Virginia. With 75 onshore, full-time employees, WayPath specializes in deploying and customizing Salesforce for enterprises. A boutique firm, WayPath prioritizes highly attentive, personalized service. Their in-depth research and understanding of each client’s business nuances enable them to implement Salesforce solutions that meet very specific needs.  

Services Offered

  • Salesforce Implementation – They provide end-to-end implementation services for all Salesforce clouds including Sales Cloud, Experience Cloud, Service Cloud, and more.
  • Salesforce Integration – Expertise in integrating Salesforce with ERPs and CRMs.
  • Salesforce Managed Services – Offer ongoing admin support, enhancements, and upgrades to ensure clients get continuous value. 
  • Salesforce Advisory Services – Help clients align technology with business goals through roadmap planning and strategic advice.

Industries Served

  • Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing

Case Studies

  • Optimized a Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) Salesforce solution for a regional charity to help with data analytics and donation and volunteering metrics.
  • Worked with a Fortune 100 company to increase Lightning adoption and migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Web Components
  • Led an implementation to integrate Salesforce with AWS for a document generation solution.


WayPath offers flexible pricing models including fixed fee and time and materials. Typical projects range from $25,000 to $500,000+ depending on scope and complexity.

Ascendix Technologies


Ascendix Technologies is a leading Salesforce consulting firm founded in 2008 with headquarters in San Francisco. They focus exclusively on the Salesforce platform and have over 150 certified consultants. Ascendix has completed over 1,500 projects for clients of all sizes across many industries. They are a 5-time winner of the Salesforce Partner Innovation Award.

Services Offered

  • Salesforce Implementation 
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Managed Services
  • Salesforce Advisory Services 
  • Salesforce Lightning Transformation
  • Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Industries Served

  • Technology 
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Goods
  • Higher Education

Case Studies

  • Ascendix implemented Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for a Fortune 500 tech company. The project consolidated 5 legacy CRM systems into a single Salesforce instance.  
  • Ascendix developed an integrated patient management system on the Salesforce Health Cloud platform for a hospital network. This improved data sharing across locations.
  • Ascendix created a customized Salesforce Community Cloud portal to support student recruitment efforts for a large state university. This increased inquiry conversion rates by 15%.


Ascendix offers fixed fee and time and materials pricing models. Typical projects range from $25,000 for small implementations to over $1 million for large, complex deployments.

Slalom Consulting


Slalom Consulting is a global business and technology consulting firm established as a Salesforce Alliance Partner since 2009. With a team of over 13,000 professionals across 45 markets, Slalom is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions that make a meaningful impact. The company is recognized for its human-centric approach and has been consistently ranked among Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For.

Services Offered

Slalom offers a comprehensive range of Salesforce services, including:

  • Salesforce Implementation: Deploying Sales Cloud to employees and integrating platforms like Pardot and Jobscience.
  • Salesforce Integration and Management: Utilizing platforms like MuleSoft for robust integration capabilities.
  • Innovative Solutions: Introducing AI-driven initiatives like the Salesforce Generative AI Accelerator and various industry-specific accelerators.
  • Advisory Services: Providing strategic guidance to align Salesforce solutions with business goals.

Industries Served

Slalom serves a diverse set of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Financial Services (banking, insurance, real estate)
  • Healthcare (providers, payers, consumer health)
  • Life Sciences (pharmaceuticals, MedTech)
  • Manufacturing and Mobility (aerospace, automotive)
  • Media and Communications (entertainment, advertising)
  • Public and Social Impact (education, government)
  • Retail and Consumer Goods (consumer services, travel, and hospitality)
  • Technology (hardware, software services)

Case Studies

Slalom has demonstrated success across various sectors:

  • Virgin Voyages: Enhanced customer service through AI-powered chat solutions.
  • Lead Bank: Elevated the community banking experience by implementing cloud-based platforms.
  • Hologic: Advanced cervical cancer screening through digital technology integrations.
  • Nasdaq: Developed a culture activation roadmap to foster innovation and retain top talent.


While specific pricing details are typically customized based on project scope and client needs, Slalom is known for its flexible engagement models tailored to deliver value and ROI effectively across its services.



StarrData is a leading Salesforce consulting firm founded in 2008. Headquartered in New York City, StarrData has over 150 employees and has completed over 500 projects. They are a 5-time winner of the Best Place to Work award.

Services Offered

  • Salesforce Implementation 
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Salesforce Managed Services
  • Salesforce Lightning Migration
  • Salesforce CPQ 
  • Mulesoft

Industries Served

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Higher Education
  • Consumer Goods

Case Studies

  • StarrData implemented Salesforce for a top 5 US bank across 3 business units over an 18 month period. The implementation consolidated 12 legacy systems into Salesforce leading to $4.2M in cost savings annually. 
  • For a large state university, StarrData migrated the alumni relations system to Salesforce and integrated it with financial aid and admissions. This improved alumni engagement leading to a 35% increase in donations.


StarrData offers fixed fee and time and materials pricing models. Fixed fee projects range from $25,000 for small implementations to over $1M for large, multi-year engagements. Their blended rate is $175/hour for time and materials projects.

SaaS Solutions


SaaS Solutions is a leading Salesforce consulting firm founded in 2010 and headquartered in New York City. With over 100 employees, they focus exclusively on Salesforce implementation and ongoing support.

Services Offered

SaaS Solutions offers a full range of Salesforce consulting services:

  • Salesforce Implementation – They can handle everything from initial setup to full, complex deployments.
  • Ongoing Salesforce Support – Post go-live, they provide admins and developers to help manage and enhance your Salesforce instance.
  • Salesforce Integrations – They have expertise connecting Salesforce to other systems like ERPs, marketing automation, etc.
  • Salesforce Managed Services – For clients that want to fully outsource Salesforce management, they offer managed services.
  • Salesforce Training – From end user to admin training, they offer customized Salesforce training programs.

Industries Served 

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology

Case Studies

  • Implemented Salesforce for a Fortune 500 retailer, consolidating data from 3 legacy systems and reducing operational costs.
  • Developed a custom Salesforce solution for an investment bank, integrating with proprietary trading systems. 
  • Provided Salesforce managed services for a healthcare provider with over 50 locations.


For fixed-fee projects, pricing starts at:

  • Salesforce Implementation: $25,000+
  • Ongoing Support: $5,000/mo+ 
  • Integrations: $10,000+
  • Managed Services: $7,500/mo+

Their hourly rates range from $150-$300 depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Volume discounts are available.

Data Geeks Lab


Data Geeks Lab is a boutique Salesforce consulting firm founded in 2010 that specializes in helping companies maximize their investment in Salesforce. With offices in New York, San Francisco, and Chicago, Data Geeks Lab has over 100 certified Salesforce consultants on staff. 

Services Offered

  • Sales Cloud Implementation
  • Service Cloud Implementation  
  • Community Cloud Implementation
  • Salesforce Integrations 
  • Salesforce Managed Services
  • Salesforce Admin Support
  • Salesforce Developer Support

Industries Served

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare 
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Higher Education

Case Studies

  • Implemented Sales Cloud and Service Cloud for a Fortune 500 investment bank. The project consolidated 3 legacy CRM systems into Salesforce and delivered over $2 million in operational savings. 
  • Implemented Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud for a large state university. The solution provided self-service options for over 50,000 students and faculty.


Data Geeks Lab offers transparent time and materials pricing for Salesforce projects starting at $125/hour for admin work up to $250/hour for expert developer resources. Packaged Salesforce implementations start at $25,000.

Able Cloud Advisors


Founded in 2010 and based in Rochester, NY, Able Cloud Advisors is a Salesforce consulting firm that caters to small and medium-sized U.S. companies, typically with 1-100 users. They specialize in understanding and meeting the unique CRM needs of their clients, particularly those with limited budgets and internal resources.

Services Offered

  • Salesforce Implementation and Re-implementation: They handle both new implementations and re-implementations, correcting or replacing previous implementations as needed.
  • Custom Development: Focus on sustainable setups that can be maintained by client’s internal staff, emphasizing declarative over programmatic approaches.
  • System Integration: They provide detailed system integration services tailored to client-specific needs.
  • License Reviews and App Implementation: They assist in optimizing Salesforce license costs and app usage, ensuring clients pay only for what they need.
  • Able Video App: An innovative, storage-free video app for Salesforce, enhancing user training and onboarding directly within the Salesforce platform.

Industries Served

  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Non-Profit sectors

Case Studies

  • Re-implementation for a Non-Profit Organization: After a non-profit organization struggled with their initial Salesforce setup by another consultant, Able Cloud Advisors stepped in to correct and enhance the implementation, greatly improving data integrity and user adoption.
  • Marketing Cloud Integration for a Financial Services Firm: Able Cloud Advisors successfully integrated Salesforce Marketing Cloud for a financial services client, which enabled more targeted and efficient marketing campaigns, resulting in increased customer engagement and ROI.
  • Custom Development for a Professional Services Firm: For a professional services client, Able Cloud developed custom Salesforce applications that streamlined their operations, enhanced data visualization, and improved decision-making processes across the organization.


Able Cloud Advisors is noted for their cost-effective services, typically costing about 40% less than competitors because they do not charge for program management or quality assurance, which are often additional costs with larger firms.

The BlackIron Group


The BlackIron Group, founded in 2002 and based in Fairfield, CT, is a boutique management consulting firm specializing in Salesforce solutions. With over 20 years of experience, they have successfully completed over 2,000 projects, demonstrating a robust commitment to enhancing CRM systems across various sectors, including manufacturing, healthcare, and trucking.

Services Offered

  • System Integration: They excel at integrating Salesforce with other enterprise systems, enhancing data flow and accessibility.
  • Data Migration: Expertise in transitioning data from major CRM systems to Salesforce, ensuring operational effectiveness.
  • Custom Development: Development of bespoke Salesforce solutions tailored to unique business needs.
  • Training and Support: Comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to ensure successful adoption and utilization of Salesforce systems.
  • Salesforce Refinement: Continuous updates and optimizations of Salesforce implementations to leverage new features and improve ROI.

Industries Served

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Trucking

Case Studies

  • Manufacturing Sector: Implementation of Salesforce to enhance ERP integration, improving data utilization and operational efficiency.
  • Healthcare Industry: Utilization of HealthCloud to optimize CRM practices, enhancing patient management and service delivery.
  • Trucking Industry: Integration of DMS data into Salesforce, enabling powerful CRM and data-driven decision-making.


The BlackIron Group tailors its pricing to match the specific needs of each project, focusing on providing value without unnecessary overhead. They work within clients’ budgets and timeframes to define the level of effort required for each project. The firm is known for its competitive pricing strategy, which is designed to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or effectiveness. For detailed pricing information based on your specific needs, it is best to contact The BlackIron Group directly.

Integrated Media Group (IMG)


Integrated Media Group, based in Johnston, RI, is a full-service Salesforce partner and digital marketing agency focused on SMBs. Since its inception, IMG has leveraged a team of over 50 Salesforce certified consultants and marketing experts to aid small to mid-sized companies in maximizing their Salesforce investments. Their approach is client-centric, ensuring that Salesforce implementations and digital marketing strategies are well-aligned with their clients’ business goals​​​​.

Services Offered

IMG offers comprehensive Salesforce implementation services across various Salesforce products such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Services Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Experience Cloud, and more. Their services include:

  • Quickstart Implementation Packages
  • Custom API Development and Third-Party Integration
  • Health Checks and Optimization

Industries Served

  • Retail
  • Financial Services
  • Manufacturing

Case Studies

  • Retail Company: Implemented Sales Cloud to revamp the sales process, resulting in a 30% increase in sales productivity.
  • Healthcare Provider: Utilized HealthCloud to improve patient engagement and streamline healthcare management, achieving a 25% reduction in administrative costs.
  • Manufacturing Firm: Integrated their ERP system with Salesforce, enhancing data accuracy and availability across departments, which led to a 20% improvement in production planning efficiency.


Integrated Media Group offers flexible pricing based on the services provided, typically structured around the complexity of the implementation and ongoing support needs. They offer both fixed-price packages for quickstart implementations and customized pricing for more extensive integrations and developments. For specific pricing, it’s recommended to contact IMG directly to discuss the scope and requirements of the project.


Salesforce consulting partners offer a wide range of expertise to help companies implement, customize, integrate, and optimize the Salesforce platform. When selecting a consulting partner, it’s important to evaluate their industry experience, services offered, client results and pricing model. 

The top Salesforce consultants featured in this article have proven track records helping clients achieve digital transformation and improve sales, marketing and customer service processes on the Salesforce platform. They offer services ranging from strategy and implementation to custom development and managed services.

When evaluating consultants, look for those with expertise in your industry and business challenges. Make sure they offer the range of services your project requires. Validate their past client results and ask for case studies relevant to your goals. Finally, select a partner that provides transparency into their pricing model and charges fair rates for the value delivered.

The right Salesforce consultant can provide tremendous value in terms of optimizing your CRM investment. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate potential partners to find the one that best fits your needs and budget. This will lead to a smoother implementation and better results from your Salesforce platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Salesforce consultant do?

A Salesforce consultant is an expert who helps companies implement, customize, and optimize the Salesforce CRM platform. They have in-depth knowledge of the various Salesforce products, applications, and integrations. 

Some key responsibilities of a Salesforce consultant include:

  • Analyzing business requirements and processes to determine the right Salesforce solutions
  • Configuring and customizing Salesforce, including building custom apps, objects, fields, workflows, and other automations
  • Integrating Salesforce with other systems like ERPs, marketing platforms, etc.  
  • Providing training and adoption support to get users up and running on the new Salesforce system
  • Ongoing optimization and enhancements as business needs evolve

Why do I need a Salesforce consultant?

There are several reasons you may need to hire a consultant for your Salesforce implementation:

  • Lack of in-house expertise: Most companies don’t have staffers with deep Salesforce knowledge and experience to take on the implementation themselves. Consultants fill this gap.
  • Complex requirements: For large, global rollouts with complex integrations, custom apps, and workflows, outside experts are almost always required.
  • Save time and money: Hiring consultants ultimately saves time and prevents costly missteps compared to handling internally. They know how to avoid pitfalls.
  • Strategic guidance: Consultants provide an objective outside perspective on how to optimize Salesforce for your business goals.
  • Efficient implementation: Consultants ensure your Salesforce rollout happens smoothly and quickly with the right configuration from the start.

How much does it cost to hire a Salesforce consultant?

Salesforce consultant rates vary based on experience level, project complexity, and duration of engagement. On average, costs range from:

  • $150-$200 per hour for junior consultants  
  • $200-$300 per hour for mid-level consultants
  • $300-$500+ per hour for senior expert consultants

Most projects require a team with a mix of skill sets and experience levels. Short-term projects like health checks may cost $5,000-$15,000. Full implementations easily reach $100,000+.

Who are the top Salesforce consultants? 

Some of the leading Salesforce consulting firms include:

  • WayPath 
  • Ascendix
  • Slalom
  • StarrData
  • SaaS Solutions
  • Data Geeks Labs
  • Able Cloud Advisors
  • The BlackIron Group
  • Integrated Media Group

These companies have large experienced teams and strong track records on major Salesforce projects for large enterprises.

How do I choose a Salesforce consultant?

Key factors to evaluate when selecting a Salesforce consultant:

  • Relevant industry experience 
  • Technical expertise across Salesforce products you plan to use
  • Size and capabilities of the implementation team
  • Customer reviews and client results delivered
  • Cultural fit and responsiveness
  • Pricing model and total projected costs
  • Willingness to provide ongoing support and optimization

Taking the time to carefully assess consultants can ensure you find the right partner to maximize value from your Salesforce investment.



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