What is the best methodology for a project? Choosing a development methodology is one of the first decisions we face in project implementations, and WayPath understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for our clients. We value our deep relationships with our clients— we understand what their priorities are, and we build upon those expectations.  While Agile is certainly more of the trend among our clients, it has made us adapt in how we set up our development efforts and how we structure our projects. There are clients who still prefer the flow of the Waterfall delivery, so it’s important for us to remain flexible. Some of us had our earlier industry experience with either Agile or Waterfall, so as we move forward with our clients, it’s vital to see how these methods work together and use common nomenclature to get things done.  Having that person who can speak both languages and translate is important, and WayPath’s team can guide you towards a development and delivery method that is tailored for your organization’s unique timeline and goals.

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