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WayPath is a reliable partner if you’re looking to update and improve your organization’s CRM. With technical expertise spanning across numerous sectors — like finance, healthcare, transportation, etc. — we are your one-stop solution.

Primary goal: Advancement in contact center technology and customer service

Solutions handled: Customer research, creative design, technology platforms and development, CRM and program management

Tools used: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Avaya

Engagement Manager: Chris Snyder

About the Virginia Department of Transportation

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is the state government agency responsible for transportation in the state of Virginia, United States. Headquartered in Downtown Richmond, it takes complete responsibility for building roads, buildings, and tunnels in the state. Functioning under the Commonwealth Transportation Board, VDOT generates annual revenue of over $1 billion. The agency has a significant workforce of 7,500 full-time employees. VDOT’s primary duty is to maintain roads.

VDOT’s significant responsibilities are:

  • Removal of trees
  • Trash maintenance
  • Upkeep of signs and traffic lights
  • Filling of potholes
  • Water drainage
  • Bridgework
  • Snow clearance.

The Challenge:

Modernizing the Contact Center Operations and Upgrading Technology for Enhanced Efficiency

VDOT was struggling with its outdated contact center operations. The agents would take too long to respond and take action, which left the state agency in danger of failing to meet citizens’ demands. Also, the increasing business was impacting the operational efficiency.

A significant setback was the inability of agents to locate citizens on the map and identify the jurisdiction of a complainant’s area. Moreover, manual generation of reports was challenging and time-consuming due to excessive paperwork. VDOT was also faced with the difficult task of providing customer care services only via phone and webRAP.

The agency was essentially under pressure to upgrade its CRM approach and transform services digitally to meet the citizens’ requirements. They needed an unequaled CRM to help perform the following actions effortlessly:

  • Access information across different service centers and systems
  • Track service requests and terminate customer queries once resolved
  • Generate customer history or create new interactions for those without prior contact
  • Automate report generation processes
  • Provide services across different channels to reach a wider audience
  • Ensure seamless accessibility to help identify jurisdictions.

The WayPath Approach

WayPath analyzed VDOT’s current technologies and systems to get an overview of the business and customers. Our team of experts came up with a streamlined approach that included:

1. Understanding the Customers

It was important that customers (citizens of the state, in this regard) would be satisfied with the services of the state agency. It was pivotal to understand their needs before proceeding. We drafted a strategy that included:

  • Analyzing different customers
  • Developing personas based on different models
  • Coming up with real-time and complex scenarios
  • Understanding the interaction channels and requirements.

2. Understanding the Business

WayPath needed to understand the client’s business to visualize and deliver an appropriate solution. This included:

  • Defining company objectives, missions, and vision
  • Identifying success measures and key contributing metrics
  • Analyzing the technology leveraged
  • Knowing the agency’s customers
  • Designing a future state process to enhance sustainability.

The Solution

Triaging Process to Identify Customer Locations and Respective Jurisdictions

At WayPath, we came up with a holistic solution aimed at improving the overall operational efficiency of VDOT. We developed an efficient system enabling agents to locate customers based on the road name, county, and mile marker. Additionally, WayPath’s team leveraged Google Streetview and other additional layers of geospatial data to narrow down customer locations.

The next challenge was to help identify if the agency was responsible for a given district. The product displayed either red or green indications, depending on the area, helping agents redirect customers to their respective district or proceed forward with the queries. This triaging process eliminated thousands of service requests in due process.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 as CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a world-class and powerful tool combining two essential aspects required for businesses – CRM and enterprise resource planning. Dynamics 365 is known for its high-quality customer insights helping organizations create customer patterns and behaviors. With the tool, organizations can make informed business decisions across different channels – including sales, marketing, finance, etc.

Some of the key features that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 indispensable:

  • Unified customer interactions: Employees get to interact with varied customers in a single place. They are also privy to various interactions of different customers and their requests, and related corrective action.
  • Multiple communication channels: Employees can go beyond the conventional telephonic mode of communication. With the tool, agents can communicate via numerous modes – including voice calls, video calls, SMS, chats, social media, co-browsing, etc.
  • Effortless report generation: The tool helps generate reports based on numerous metrics like efficiency, customer satisfaction rates, customer engagement rates, etc.

WayPath suggested Microsoft Dynamics 365 to the VDOT for the above reasons.

Our technical experts collaborated with the agency to implement the CRM tool. This helped improve the overall efficiency of agents and the organization. Moreover, customers benefited from instant responses from agents via different mediums, leading to higher satisfaction rates. The real-time customer data and personalization helped VDOT achieve a leading-edge to satisfy customers and enhance productivity among its agents.

Advantages of WayPath’s Solutions:

  • Better access to information for agents
  • Modernizing the CRM and elevating the operational efficiency
  • Identification of customer history and preferences
  • Multiple automated communication channels for customers
  • Real-time tracking of any customer queries/requests
  • Relevant data synchronization across different systems
  • ‘Closing the loop’ of customers by providing appropriate solutions
  • Generation of management reports based on numerous key metrics.

Tools Used

Avaya: Avaya is a digital transformation tool that helps organizations achieve a healthy and efficient employee-client collaboration. The tool plays a crucial role in increasing customer experience rates in today’s dynamic world.

The Results

Improvement in Overall Operational Efficiency

WayPath’s collaboration with VDOT led to positive results for the state government agency. The Chief Technology Architect of VDOT said “This is the best vendor partnership we’ve ever experienced”. The modern solutions led to increased first-call resolutions. Moreover, with multiple communication modes and self-service channels, customer satisfaction rates skyrocketed. The efficiency rate of agents increased significantly with automation in services and report generation.

The collaboration led to:

  • Increase in customer and agent satisfaction rates
  • Improved contact center efficiency
  • Effective decision making
  • Improvement in data quality
  • Decreased effort in functional areas
  • Reduced service costs
  • Automated follow-up.

WayPath is a reliable partner if you’re looking to update and improve your organization’s CRM. With technical expertise spanning across numerous sectors — like finance, healthcare, transportation, etc. — we are your one-stop solution. If you wish to collaborate with WayPath on your project, feel free to reach out to our technical experts.

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