What is Sitecore: Common Sitecore Problems & Features

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Here are the top three Sitecore key features that set it apart from other CMS systems in its class: 1. Digital Experience Platform. Sitecore combines customer data, marketing automation, powerful analytics, AI, and machine learning to take customer engagement to the next level. 2. Digital Asset Management. All your content lives in one place and can be accessed by any department and pushed out to any platform as needed, providing a centralized space for planning, scheduling, and content production. 3. Customer Data Platform. Sitecore’s unified data capabilities enable incredible digital experiences that encourage customer engagement and build loyalty.

Digital Engagement: The Complete Guide

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What is digital customer engagement? Check out this complete guide and find out what is digital engagement, why is it so important and how to boost it.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Advantages & Disadvantages

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a collection of third-party SaaS services and apps that companies can configure, customize, and leverage to enable a high-performance ecosystem. Essentially, it functions as an interconnected CRM, ERP, and productivity suite that integrates your unique processes, data, and business logic.

Enterprise Content Management Solutions: Full Guide

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Simply put, enterprise content management is an umbrella term used to describe the technology and strategy companies use to manage and distribute information throughout the organization. ECM centralizes and democratizes content so that all departments in the enterprise have access to the information they need. As a full-lifecycle solution, ECM simplifies content updates, organization, and archiving, ensuring that stakeholders always have the most up-to-date versions to work with.

Top 7 OpenText Features You Need to Know

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OpenText Exstream is a powerful omnichannel customer communications platform designed for omnichannel customer communication management (CCM). This flexible, scalable platform is a top-rated solution that helps organizations engage with their audience in more meaningful ways through highly personalized communications and content across all channels.

What You Need From Your Customer Relationship Management Software in 2021

What You Need From Your Customer Relationship Management Software in 2021

Today, the business landscape is more crowded, complex, and competitive than it’s ever been, and there is so much more at stake. Without software tools to help you manage your business relationships and everything that entails, growth is impossible. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution software is essential, as it gives you the tools you need to grow, connecting your company, its customers, your suppliers, and partners into one easy-to-manage platform that delivers tremendous value through every business process.

Transform Your Customer Relations With CRM

Transform Your Customer Relations With CRM

A CRM is a fantastic tool for developing business insights around customer data. However, a CRM does so much more than that, as it facilitates a richer connection, enabling you to exceed all expectations based on their preferences.