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5 Critical Questions to Ask When Looking For A Microsoft Dynamics Training Provider

5 Critical Questions to Ask When Looking For A Microsoft Dynamics Training Provider

Microsoft Dynamics 365, a full-featured CRM platform, provides everything your organization might need to manage your customer data and create mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships with them. On the whole, Dynamics 365 is fairly user-friendly, even for non-technical business users. However, Microsoft Dynamics training from an experienced and knowledgeable training provider can help make the adoption even easier.

To ensure that you choose the best Microsoft Dynamics training provider for your organization it’s important to do your research. This involves asking 5 critical questions.

1. Is your training customized or off-the-shelf and how can it help us meet our goals?

Dynamics 365 includes a number of off-the-shelf features but this doesn’t mean that your training should be off-the-shelf as well. Your organization may have unique goals with respect to Dynamics 365 and your training provider should be prepared to deliver a program that can help you meet these goals. Make sure you ask about their track record of developing and delivering bespoke courses to other companies in your industry. Ask for references as well.

2. Is your training scalable and extendable?

You should also consider scalability before choosing a Microsoft Dynamics training provider. If you need to have a large number of people trained, especially in functionally- or geographically-dispersed locations, it’s essential to confirm that your provider has the necessary people and infrastructure to deliver the results you need.

3. How often do you update your course content to maintain relevancy?

It’s critical to ensure that your training provider is not offering outdated course material. If this happens, your organization could easily find itself left behind. Make sure you choose a Microsoft Dynamics training provider that updates their courses regularly and not just once or twice a year. This is the only way to ensure that the material reflects the latest information and that your people learn what’s relevant to their work today.

You should also ask who writes their content: Dynamics CRM experts who know the platform from both a technical and business perspective, or ‘generalist’ instructional designers who know course design best practices but are not necessarily Dynamics experts. Microsoft 365 is both a technical and business solution so the writers should be well-versed in both aspects.

4. Does your course focus more on theory or on real-world practice?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a real-world application and the training your workforce receives should reflect this. Instead of just teaching the theory – which can be very difficult to internalize when someone is maybe returning to the workplace after a break – the course should also show them how to apply their learnings to real-world business problems.

Look for a Dynamics 365 training provider that delivers a good combination of state-of-the-art presentation technology, updated training material and hands-on practice that’s consistent with today’s demanding Dynamics 365 work environment.

5. What are your instructors’ qualifications?

Some of the people in your organization who will be using Dynamics 365 may already have a good level of expertise in the platform. The instructor (or instructors) should be able to take this knowledge to the next level. But they must also be able to tailor their teaching style and material in a way that makes sense to novice users as well.

That’s why it’s critical to check out the caliber of the instructors. Ask your Microsoft Dynamics training provider for information on their qualifications, real-world experience of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in addition to the level and frequency of the instructor training they receive.

At WayPath, we provide world-class training in Microsoft Dynamics 365 to organizations of all sizes and in every industry. We work closely with every client to develop relevant, real-world and fully-customized training that is perfectly contextualized to their desired learning outcomes. To know more about our bespoke Dynamics 365 training programs and how it can benefit your modern organization, get in touch.


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